Air Atomizing Aeroponics Vs High Pressure Aeroponics POSTPONED Pandemic

Well, it’s been a minute and a lot has been going on both good and bad. What was suppose to be a HPA ( High Pressure Aeroponics ) Vs AAA ( Air Atomizing Aeroponics ) Side by Side is postponed due to the pandemic.

It seems that everyone is cleaning house these days and buying up all the totes. This was the only factor holding me back from doing this side by side HPA vs AAA.

I have all the components for HPA system ready to go. The AAA just needed to have a smaller tote to transfer into. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to conduct this test this time around but, I will be doing it in the near future.

Although I’m having timer issues…. which I should remedy first before doing such a test. I own 2 of the Century brand timer outlets and they seem to lose track of time. They fall behind by hours!!!

I had one in the outdoor HPA and it did the exact same thing as the indoor unit. These nearly cost me the entire garden because it was the primary unit keeping time for all other sections.

There is a lot to clean up and figure out but, for now we’ll just improvise as we go.

Initially I was thinking to do this as an Air Atomizing Aero Speed Grow but, these clones / cuttings I had were : cloned in HPA, then transferred to soil, and now to Air Atomizing Aeroponics. I have concerns that the stress they’ve endured already will inhibit the growth already.

Then to top things off even more, the check valve for the air compressor failed causing the compressor to blow another head gasket!

This happen because the Unloader Valve I’m using is a “Normally Open Solenoid” and once the check valve failed it would leak all air through the Unloader valve to atmosphere. Hence causing my silent compressor motor to overheat since it would be on the entire time!

The only thing that barely saved the Silent Compressor was the Repeat Cycle Timer I have on it as a fail safe. Never a dull moment around here!

The silent compressor was down for 11 days in combination with the check valve. This time I went with a DIY PVC Check Valve which to me seems to be the best move but, we’ll find out if it can hold.

So, timer issues, check valve issues, silent compressor issues, watering issues, and so on!

Air Atomizing Aeroponics Vs High Pressure Aeroponics POSTPONED Pandemic

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  • Kevin Fruhwirth

    Mate please use an electronic system for timing and measuring. I recommend the SIEMENS SPS, with which you can basically control everything you need to control in one machine. I admit it's a litte bit knowledge to obtain, but you will safe the time in the longrun for sure. Good luck

  • Jeff Jefferson

    Try Arduino! ( You can program relays to turn on and off with the Arduino signal. It always is on time. It even does mili seconds.!! Also there are a lot of sensors that are very accurate! BME 280 can do moisture, temperature and airpressure! And its very cheap (2 to 3 dollars). Try to buy on, while its the cheapest..
    – Temperature range: -40 tot 85°C

    – Temperature accuracy: +/-1°C

    – Airpressure: 300 to 1100 hPa

    – Humidity: 0 tot 100%

    – Humidity accuracy: +/-3%

    Solidstate relays are the best. I bought these. They are what they say it is. Opened one up, 40 amps. Pretty good, you could do the lighting on this thing too! Or buy a relay board. Those are less expensive and do the same tricks. They can handle less amps though. But its very good.




    I am looking for aeroponics for tomatos to see what is needed to grow plants with sprinklers. Maybe looking at your video will shed some light on that topic. 🙂 If you want to see what im into as well, check my youtube channels about section 😉

  • Kwad dawK

    Best simple timer for misting systems like this is the "Time-R". Its digital, you simply set how long run time eg: 15 seconds then set how long off time, 12 minutes or whatever and your done.
    As for the rest of the issues with running high pressure misting, Its so much easier to just run basically low pressure with simply a decent size submersible pond pump capable of at least 5m head pressure and fine irrigation spray nozzles or larger misting nozzles that dont block up so easily, or perhaps run a simple filter to take out these particles that cause blockages. Look in your Irrigation/reticulation stores or isles. These systems still work amazingly well in the right hands.

  • Prime Suspect

    I see you are running a hpa
    I was planning on building a hpa but then i found the fogger.
    i love your garden btw just wondering what strains you are growing and if you have any tips about time interval and ppm

  • Ghanzo

    Hey, I came across your vids and see you’re mixing air and the nutrients/water and you have an interesting nozzle you’re using. I got a aquatech going to an accumulator to 80psi and then a misting nozzle opens and shuts from an arduino. Is the lack of air a big mistake? Also whats the filtration that you do, are your nozzles getting clogged? And are the nutrients expensive after a bunch of growing?

  • Ryan Mosley

    Your doing work of the future.. You may not have a lot of followers but you are sure damn on the right track..I am super excited to see you experiment around.. Thanks homie

  • Yawning Tears

    Man, I didn’t want your video to end lol

    What do you have fitted up to the lid holding the plants?

    Are those drain pipes or something?

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