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United Farmers’ Empowerment Initiative (UFEI) is a national level collaborative initiative of progressive farmers associations across India. The main objective of UFEI is to bring prosperity and progress to the farming community through policy changes and innovations in agriculture. UFEI believe this is possible only through continuous dialogue between the Farming Community, Government, Policy makers and other stakeholders connected with agriculture and work for a common win-win goal. Our mission United Farmers’ Empowerment Initiative (UFEI) is open to work with progressive and like minded farmer organizations, research foundations, public and private enterprises in India and abroad to bring innovative solutions at the farmer’s doorstep. UFEI would also work constructively to bring desired policy changes for the betterment of Indian farmers by working with relevant stakeholders. Our vision United Farmers’ Empowerment Initiative (UFEI) aims at bringing prosperity to Indian farmers by Engaging, Educating and Empowering them. Sustainable growth in farm profitability remains our key focus while conserving the agricultural resources of the nation. Related PostsAgStar Financial ServicesBusiness Talk – Cara Lawson, Financial Services officer. Farm Credit Mid-AmericaMirak Agricultural Services – Largest Open Field Hydroponic SystemAbout TRC’s ServicesChild Center & Adult Services Inc Receive Tribute and Charity by Charles Myrick of ACRXLandscape Gardeners Belfast – Belfast Garden Services

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