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Agriculture and organic farming – high eyding organic terrace garden at chennai Subasri 9677101627 Subashree a simple house wife was created a green heaven at terrace. in 2012 Subashree put out a simple organic garden at terrace today have Garden more than satisfying the vegetable needs of the entire family it also provides a sustainable income in a terrace garden Subashree grows more than 300 Herbs and with these hub she creates various health products and their own brand R3 health products. in this documentary Subashree guide you through every steps involved in creating a healthy organic terrace garden where you can grow your vegetables Herbs and harvest them once in or twice in a week. terrace garden, garden, terrace, terrace garden in tamil, maadi thottam tips in tamil, terrace garden ideas, atin terrace garden, agriculture and organic farming, agriculture and organic farming model, organic farming in tamil, organic farming in india, agriculture, farming, agriculture tamil, agri, agriculture in tamil, இயற்கை விவசாயம், a handbook of organic terrace gardening, roof garden, tamil news today For More tamil news, tamil news today, latest tamil news, kollywood news, kollywood tamil news Please Subscribe to red pix 24×7 red pix 24×7 is online tv news channel and a free online tv Video Rating: / 5 Related Postsagriculture and organic farming – hydroponic all you need to know profitable hydroponics in tamil15 years old organic terrace garden || Vegetables, Fruits, flowers || Rajini || KPHB – HYDOrganic Terrace Garden – EnglishHigh Tech Agriculture – 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming (Ep. 4)Poovaali: Tips for setting an organic vegetable garden on the terraceorganic grapes in grow bag terrace gardening /roof top garden organic fruits

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  • shop ur wish 2019 5 months ago

    Enga nattu vethaikal kedaikum

  • Mooligain thozhan 5 months ago

    ivanga Kita Phone panni ratea keta sollamatanga . Nursery ku near la Vara solluvanga . Near la ponom na rate adhigama solli emathuvanga.

  • Mooligain thozhan 5 months ago

    Ivangala pesaradhu nalla irrukum ana emathuvanga

  • Mooligain thozhan 5 months ago

    Ivanga Kita endha plants eduthalum 300 rupees above la dha kedaikum

  • Mooligain thozhan 5 months ago

    Ivanga Kita plants cost adhigam

  • Mooligain thozhan 5 months ago

    Pesi add kuduthu emathuranga

  • Mooligain thozhan 5 months ago

    Ivangakita chedi vangadhiga chedi seriyavea varadhu

  • Kannan P 5 months ago

    தலைப்புக்கும் கானோளிக்கும் சம்பந்தம் இல்லை

  • Sherin Azeem 5 months ago

    Chedi kattama blade podadinga

  • Sasi Kala 5 months ago

    ஏங்க இருக்க இடத்தை காணவில்லை…இதில் 500ருருருருருருருருருருருருச.அ
    இது கொஞ்சம் ஓவரா தெரியல

  • Fish Fish11 M 5 months ago

    Im also living in alwarthirunagar… But which street is it… Can i visit ur garden?

  • Mohan Meenu 5 months ago

    Hi Akka my goose berry plant leaves grow but not give the fruit it is high breed Akka Pls give me remedies akka

  • Bala Nagaraja 5 months ago

    Engal veetil nangalae mooligai palpodi ,kuliyal podi ,seeyakai thool siedhu payanpaduthugirom. Anaithum en amma seigirargal

  • Vidya selvaraj 5 months ago

    Please share that WhatsApp group u have mentioned mam

  • Rajiv R 5 months ago

    Good super…

  • bharathi snr 5 months ago

    Man kalavai enga irunthu vangunenga