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A design proposal that aims to revitalize a secondary town in Melaka (Masjid Tanah) into a gastronomy-themed town. In terms of architectural contribution, it redefines how a community center could be, a hybrid of an industrial vertical farm with the existing local market and other supplementary communal facilities. Playing with the organic and welcoming spaces of communal function with the rigid and systematic spaces of industrial vertical farming function, it has a unique and one of a kind image to portray for the local and to the nation. A strong statement for the town to pursue sustainability in terms of environment and more importantly social economy. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSemarGareng (Urban vertical Agriculture by using IOT & Giving big impacts on social farming)THESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Vertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuPaid Post – Feeding cities with vertical farming | Rethink SustainabilityUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Dickson Despommier On Vertical Farming

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  • keat how teow 1 year ago

    hi, cool project, I am Howard, I am from Malaysia too. Mind to share more about this project? is it ongoing? Perhaps we can have a meet up for further discussion.