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Welcome to Sleepy Classes. Top Quality GS Coaching. FREE. Creating IAS from the grassroots of our nation. Prelims 2020 Programs: Crash Course + Test Series –—Test-Series—Prelims-2020? Crash Course Only – Prelims Test Series 2020:–With-Video-Discussion-? Various Free Courses are available here: 1. On YouTube (arranged in subject-wise Playlists): 2. On Website (with PDFs): 3. Compilations of PreCure, PreMix– PAID COURSEs (Prelims+Mains-2020) available at: Donate – Website: SleepyClasses Android App: SleepyClasses Telegram- #UPSC #IAS #CivilServices UPSC, Current Affairs, The Hindu, Prelims, Mains, Daily Newspaper Analysis, Current Affairs for UPSC, GS for UPSC, Sociology UPSC, Political Science UPSC, Mains Test Series UPSC, Prelims Test Series UPSC, Ethics, Security Issues, World History UPSC, Geography UPSC, International Relations UPSC, Science Tech UPSC, Economy UPSC, Economics UPSC, Srushti Deshmukh, UPSC Interview Preparation, CSAT UPSC, Polity UPSC, Laxmikant UPSC, Governance UPSC, Disaster Management UPSC, Case Studies UPSC Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsStrider Agri – Welcome to the future of agricultureISDSI Experiential Learning: Mae Ta Sustainable AgricultureFarm Bills 2020 explained | Why are Farmers Protesting | Ep 1 – Indian Agriculture by Abhi and NiyuVegetable Gardening Tips for Beginners || M.Nagaraju Agri Horticultural || SumanTV TreeHow indoor farming is transforming agriculture and curbing climate changeVertical Farming | Agriculture | वर्टिकल फार्मिंग क्या है | कैसे करें शुरुआत | क्या हैं इसके फायदे?

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    Nice information given…. Thank you for giving right direction….

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    III infra institution incentive

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    sir please provide Email address or something else to make contact with you…we have lots of confusion about mains or other subjects….So through that we can ask you about our confusion…please sir..make a Email for Sleepyclassess

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    In Delhi where is your office..

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    By sharing more or likes can help u to raise some fund.

  • Parveen Kumar 7 months ago

    Sir…missing ur presence since 2015 January….

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    thank you. sooo much!!

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    Your videos are very helpful

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    Sir no MAD for saturday ??…n what about optional was supposed to start from weekend ?