Broken tiles and slates are one of the most common issues with roofing. Replacing a broken slate can be a very simple job, however it also has the potential to be quite tricky and certainly dangerous. Follow this guide on how to replace a broken slate from Wayne our Head of Roofing.

The most important advice here is on safety. Affleck do not recommend untrained people to attempt changing a roof tile. Roofs by their nature are generally high above the ground the potential for serious injury is very high. Please take great care when attempting to change a tile, if in doubt, always seek the help of a professional.

Disclaimer: Affleck Property Services take no responsibility for any personal harm or injury caused as a result of following the instructions in this video.

Affleck Roofing – How to replace a broken slate or rood tile

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  • Haydn Williams

    Who taught you to repair slates ? A plumber ? You have no idea , and the state of that roof for a new one I'd have stripped the lot and slapped the guy for 'laying' so many kickers ! ?

  • Gethurted

    Lead strap on a new roof. How nice. Really ? Bet the client would love to see it .how about a halls clip or a hook or you could have bibbed it two minutes. Jeese . lead tingles should be outlawed. ?

  • trevor francis

    I cut a strip off a velux soaker, it's a better fix lead opens up the zinc stops rigid, anyway the idea is to keep off the slates, ok hitting a knot in the lath can damage the slates,you see it's the bounce, small screw does the trick.?

  • Ash Peers

    I allways use slate hooks for slate repairs for security and it looks aesthetically sound! Using lead tabs for single slate repairs should be abolished!?

  • Ad B

    Tt wont last one hot day. Slates get hot = malleable lead, the weight of the slate would very easily bend the lead back down and slide over. If you are going to do it use coat hanger type wire and bend it back up the slate at least one inch.?

  • camcopper1

    People are going to watch this video and think that this is the way to repair slate just Because it's an Englishman Talking about slate repair. ?

  • charles cruickshank

    the slates should always be center nailed and a dpc soaker over the nail, alot tidier, and maybe use a better ripper as that ones a bit too thick for ripping out tight slates., plus i think the hip ridge should of been laid before slate repairs as more will get broken?

  • Peter Coupe

    I thought tingles were the normal repair method on slate roofs, so I don't understand the criticism – particularly as the critic has failed to indicate a better method of doing the job. Our last home was a 250 year old stone barn, with a good few tingle repairs on the Welsh slate roof – and in 13 years we went through some pretty bad winters up on the hilltop without losing a single slate to the snow and ice.
    Informative video, by the way, and some good health and safety tips.

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