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The AEtrium System is an automated commercial Cultivation System For Medicinal Growing. Clone & bloom fast and efficiently with little downtime. Control your grow room from anywhere with integrated sensing and analytics suites. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNIWeek 2017: Automated Hydroponics System Integrated with OPC UA Using LabVIEWJamal uddin, hydroponics system, DBC News ‘Krishikotha’ 08 05 2017कटिंग उगाये बिना मिटटी के/Grow Cuttings With NPK /Hydroponic system – 28th June 2017 /Mammal BonsaiMy New Aeroponic system home madeGrowing on the Aeroponics SystemVertical Grow System Big Buddha Box Indoor Grow Room


Vertical farming


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  • killacam3168 5 months ago

    Yea…price? Also, consider this is all plastic/PVC with a few sensors/pumps…price shouldn't be that high. I'm skeptical…this will be over priced for sure.

  • Are they cost competitive? ♥️love the aesthetics:)

  • Alex Tafoya 5 months ago

    What is the best hydroponic system I've seen ever… I have seen a lot of them…..

  • Jayce Antony 5 months ago

    Starting prices?

  • CHristopher Hagerty 5 months ago

    is this a clone only system or can you start seeds in it and if so how considering there's no medium?

  • Justinn Ashbaugh 5 months ago

    Could I manually add my nutrients, or does it have to be automated?