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i redid, reorganized and redecorated my whole room again cause i´m a teen and i need change i guess, watch me building up new furniture, getting new plants and struggling to make choices 🍇🍱 i have an easy shop now 🙂 insta: @shirinelouise thank you so much for watching, u can always comment video ideas 🐝 have a beautiful day/night/whatever xxx shirin💘🍒 Related PostsDIY: Monsters Uni room makeover part 1 Ep 18 (31.05.2013)DIY Kids Room Makeover | Indoor | Great Home IdeasAdam and Jason’s cubby house makeoverHow to create Pot Hanging section /Balcony Makeover in a budgetPlaygrounds, Aesthetic and Family Oriented Backyard IdeasROOF GARDEN MAKEOVER PART 1 | SMALL GARDEN MAKEOVER UK ON A BUDGET WITH TIME LAPSE!

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  • Shaheera Waseem 1 week ago

    <3 i love this definitly subscribingggg

  • Olalala 1 week ago

    Succcchhhh a good music taste I can’t even- what’s your Spotify? X

  • iemily 1 week ago

    I was literally just watching your one that was 8 months ago and right now I just saw yours under it and right now I just saw this new one under that video

  • Emilie Myrland 1 week ago

    where is the map you have on the wall from?:))

  • Phantom of the Opera 1 week ago
  • phini 1 week ago

    where's your dresser from?

  • Nane s_a 1 week ago

    omg als ob bist du deutsch? ist ja über cool hahahha

  • milkshxae 1 week ago

    Ahh! I love your room!! :)))

  • Holly Powell 1 week ago

    I love the plants and flowers in your room they make it look so homely. My room is finished now I just need to move my plants in :))

  • Maria King 1 week ago

    5:29 What's the name of the song?

  • cattalkz 1 week ago

    Your room is so pretty! I’m jealousss, I’m subscribing!