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  • Sean Cripps

    The LED light isn't really good for your roots. You want to keep the root system dark at all times. Also, do not run this setup 24/7 or you will quickly burn out your nebulizer. Also, running for long periods of time will increase reservoir water temperature. keep an eye on that also. Nice setup

  • hang gnor

    how long do you run the mist maker? 24 hours?

    What about when the roots begin to settle?

    reason I ask is because I heard mist makers are very fragile and aren't meant to be run 24 hours a day for 3 or 4 months.

    thanks for your response

  • MegaMarclar

    you have to buy the ones with the 110v power adapters you can find them on ebay..

    you just have to cover the led's. the fogger its self can get kinda warm and it will affect ur water temp. so running it on a timer can help

  • hardknox72

    I would just use the fogger unit instead, the sprinkler heads are'nt making a fine enough mist. take the " aeropnic" system out and just use that. You will have more room for ur roots to grow, dont have to worry about the roots plugging your pump

  • BigMacheteBM

    i tried aeroponic system with a mistmaker with no nozzles, but it was not enough, so i prefer classic aeroponic, did you notice any difference adding a mistmaker in your system?

  • Tealsteam

    looks like a typical fogger whats connected to the white piping. bubbler or pump?

    yeah the sonic waves from it are immense managed to cut back one of my nails from it.

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