Aeroponics vs Hydroponics - Which is better? [2020]

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of aeroponics and hydroponics. I’m going to take you through each technology, what it is, and how you can use it to create self-sustaining gardens and farms that produce huge yields.

Hi, I’m Jessica with Two Way Mirrors! I just created a new website with all my top tips about self-sustaining farming.

Whether you’re wanting to start a soil-free garden, looking to save the environment or simply just want to have the ability to grow any fruit or vegetable in any season, you’re probably looking into Aeroponics and Hydroponics.

Self-sustaining farming is an incredibly important way to ensure survival in an emergency situation such as a pandemic, war, or disaster, to ensure your family has enough to eat. With the right techniques, it can even feed communities, reducing reliance on government substidized farms and factories. It’s also a great way to bring farming techniques to otherwise barren parts of the world, such as deserts, rainforests, and arctic climates. It can reduce deforestation by reducing demand on local farmers to produce crops and clear large swaths of forests.

Maybe you’re unsure as to which method would best suit your needs, this is the ultimate guide to help you choose that crucial aspect of beginning your new garden.

I’m going to lay out the good, the bad and the great of both the Hydroponic system as well as the Aeroponic system and recommend which system would be best for your situation.

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What exactly is an Aeroponic garden?

Aeroponic Garden
An Aeroponic garden is a revolutionary system that allows plants to grow in the air, without any soil while being suspended inside of an enclosed environment. Spraying their roots with nutrient-rich water solution allows them to grow strong and healthy. Typically, pressure pumps are used to gently mist your plants roots with the water solution.

What’s a Hydroponic garden system?

Hydroponic Garden
A Hydroponic system is where the plants are in a growing tray that has a nutrient-rich water solution flowing through the bottom of the tray area providing food and nutrients to promote the growth of your plants.

The cost of the systems?
When first starting out, the cost of the system can be a huge factor in choosing which system to utilize for some people.

Aeroponic systems can have a much higher initial start up cost compared to the Hydroponic systems. This is partially because Aeroponic systems depend on machinery to keep the plants alive and healthy.

A display of multiple plants growing in an Aeroponics setup
Aeroponic systems consist of machinery such as high pressure pumps, automatic mist nozzles, and a timer. With this system, your plants are susceptible to power outages and require an expensive backup generator.

The plants in this system need to be in an enclosed environment because the plants are enclosed in a dark environment, they turn the carbon dioxide into oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis. However, low energy lamps should be used to help supplement photosynthesis.

If the machinery fails and the plants go without the needed nutrients, the plants in an Aeroponic system will fail to survive within just a few hours post malfunction. It’s this fact that causes the Aeroponic system to have a more substantial cost than Hydroponics when first starting out.

When starting your Aeroponic system, you are going to want to make sure that you have a backup solution that is ready to use, just in case your machinery fails. This is a necessary precautionary measure that’s needed to ensure you do not lose all of your plants within just a few hours.

Hydroponic systems still can come with a hefty initial cost.

Hydroponic Growing Setup
In a Hydroponic system, the plants are positioned in a growing tray to keep them stable and in place while water flows through the bottom of the tray, delivering the needed nutrients that the plants need to survive.

In conclusion, what you’re trying to achieve will decipher which method is best for you. If you have limited funds and want to keep the cost as low as you can, then Hydroponic takes the win.

If you’re looking to grow the maximum amount of plants in a smaller environment or are strictly looking to have the best quality of plant possible, then you would want to go with Aeroponics. Another reason why you would want to choose the Aeroponics option is if you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, due to the small amount of water it requires to operate.

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Aeroponics vs Hydroponics – Which is better? [2020]

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