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This is the second custom hydroponic system I built for my apartment. Different design for a different space. Check out my blog for more detailed instructions, pictures of plants, and updates to my garden @ Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVortex Aeroponics – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsSingle Part Nutrients for Hydroponics / Aeroponics SystemsAeroponics: Aquaponics Systems – Aquaponics Made Easy With This Aquaponics Systems !Hydroponics Systems: AeroponicsAdvantages of Aeroponics Systems over Hydroponic Systems#40 – Hydroponics vs Aeroponics vs Soil Growing Systems

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  • C Trey 1 year ago

    plz help i want to try areo kit my thing is how big does it need to be i want it small n can i use a cheap amazon water pump n how long does the pump need to run plz help asap thanks

  • shakaama 1 year ago

    can't you get your wife or someone else to hold the camera work? sometimes you do stuff slightly out of frame. since you can afford all this aeroponic stuff, buy a better camera and a tripod?

  • SputnikMedia 1 year ago

    doesn't the filter filter out nutes?

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    The other thing I have trouble with figuring out is how do I thread my outlet holes for the aeroponic nozzles?  They are threaded and I would rather screw them in than just shove them down the hole … do you know what kind of "thread borer" you need to do that?

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    COOL … where did you get the PVC to hose fitting at 2:35 ???  I have never seen one of those before?

  • Matt Denten 1 year ago

    Fog (less than 50 microns) is true areoponics but requires much more filtration to prevent clogging. This is a low cost way to achieve similar results 

  • aaronCapricorn 1 year ago

    thoughts on fog systems?

  • B Green 1 year ago

    If you drill a 3/4 whole wouldn't it be too big for a 1/2 inch PVC?

  • Bamboo11 1 year ago

    very informative.but I think its easy when a man does it.I would screw my foot tight in that bucket,coz  of stupidity.

  • ficocol ruiz 1 year ago

    very good your video, congratulations

  • ficocol ruiz 1 year ago

    muy bueno tu vídeo, te felicito

  • ficocol ruiz 1 year ago

    cual es la función de los tapones saludos desde bogota colombia

  • ficocol ruiz 1 year ago

    to use two drill diameter pipe and for that you put these plugs in 5:59 minute video will? which is the function of these plugs

  • carlos valentin 1 year ago

    You just don't know who is who now a days . The best thing is to keep to your-self.

  • blackmon7 1 year ago

    As for the piece that gets put into the "T" connector that connects it to the black tubing, what is that called? So i know what I am looking for when I go shopping.

    Also, where did you get the black tubing used to connect the pump to the pvc?

    Thank you, your video is helping me out so much!

  • JacobsOompa 1 year ago

    WOW…totally convince when you turned on your sprayers….no new to gardening but not any of the ''ponics'' systems. I too live in aprt with 3 sunny windows ..would love to try something like this….even narrower too for limited space even double level….GREAT VIDEO job young man….looks easy and doable.
    Ken-Orlando, Fl

  • kris1379tina 1 year ago

    I am serious. but I live nowhere near Chicago.

  • Tyrone shelley jr 1 year ago

    I eliminated spayers [ they gat clogged & pain in the ass to clean] and just driiled very small holes { V } shaped into top of pvc workz GREAT!!! can clean with a papper clip without taking apart anything

  • Matt Denten 1 year ago

    Skype: matt.denten, however I'm not that active so best bet is to add me on Google Plus, email matt.denten@gmail, G-chat, or PM me with questions

  • chimacc773 1 year ago

    i live in chicago and i have ?s do u have skype?