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You want to learn how to design an Aeroponics System like a professional. However, you have questions about high-pressure aeroponics and don’t really know where to start. You Ask: How many nozzles? What pump to use? Will you help me with my design? I don’t know where to start. Aeroponics Systems Design Part Two: Let’s talk about the systems used in high-pressure aeroponics. 1. Misting System – includes the nozzles/flow-rate, and misting interval. Learn flow-rates: Accumulative Flow-rates. Hour and Day. to determine nutrient usage, tube sizing, nutrient residence time – how long to get from point A to B. 2. Delivery System – includes the tubing length and size. The number of fittings like elbows, tees, and valves. The inputs would be length, height, inside diameter, sometimes material type. We can determine the pump needed or losses due to the delivery system. The flow rate plays a vital role in this. 3. Charging System – includes the pressure pump and the pressure tank. Flow range of pump flow rate (GPM), power usage in watts (current or amps), the discharge pressure of the pump. Running duty cycle continuous or periodic run time. Pump demands are depended on the Misting and Delivery Systems. The new Aeroponics Calculator will make you a professional designer helping you choose the number of nozzles, the tubing size, and length, the right pump, provide the power usage, backup power requirements for each duration, runtime or duty cycle configurations. Related PostsAeroponic System Design Like A Professional Part 2Single Part Nutrients for Hydroponics / Aeroponics SystemsVertical Garden for Professional and Commercial Aeroponics GrowersVertical Garden for Professional and Commercial Aeroponics GrowersHow to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 1How to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 2

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  • John Griffiths 4 months ago

    I've been looking for this guidance for years! Well done Lee it's so very much appreciated!

  • Good Night TV 4 months ago

    ini di bininging

  • kyler ferguson 4 months ago

    thanks so much for all of this

  • Amy Lu 4 months ago

    Can you deisgn and sell a system for us to purchase?

  • Juanpa lml 4 months ago

    Yes I want This brother! Thank you so much for ur videos

  • Julian Choque 4 months ago

    i want that

  • Marcelo Fravega 4 months ago

    i want the calculator

  • Zeid Ebrahim 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for these videos.. Your explanations are so clear and helpful.. looking forward for more videos.

  • Bradley Yaeger 4 months ago

    Yes I want this calculator

  • StraightUpGrow 4 months ago

    What is the best nozzle orifice to produce 50 microns ?

  • Francisco Roca 4 months ago

    hello, once i stop my pump, my noozles keep misting during some time, is there any way to stop the misting just after the pump stops? I am not using the solenoid valve right now. thanx! great videos btw!

  • Ragna Rush 4 months ago

    YES for the calculator !! ;-D will be awesome

  • Maria Lindgren 4 months ago

    Thank you for a thorough, orderly and understandable explanation. I would love to use your calculator.

  • Erik Lewis Åkerman 4 months ago

    Instant like and subscribe!

  • mostlyHarmless 4 months ago

    Pressure tank worries me and only mentioned briefly. Would like an introduction/explaination of how this system works. Pressureswitch? Gauge? One way valves? First time i have heard about it. Otherwise how do you control the run cycles on the pump? You need some special equipment or pump with built in controls. Trying to be a bit economical. Very infomative video. Thanks brother. I enjoy your work.

  • Joshua Johnson 4 months ago

    Great videos! Thanks for sharing.

    Is it possible to use multiple booster pumps in the system in case one fails? Or even multiple pressure tanks in one system?

    Best wishes from Germany and yes I want the calculator.

  • Kevin McIntyre 4 months ago

    Patiently Waiting for the Calculator

  • Vijay Kanagasabai 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing the informations. Yes I would love to see the calculator.

  • Victor Miguel Vaquero Berra 4 months ago

    I have to say: I love your videos! keep them coming!

  • Rick Evans 4 months ago

    High Tech Gardner, you're awesome !!! i'm on the verge of completing my new closet grow area i have a 2000watt Cree/ COB light im dying to get lit and poised on starting a DWC hydro system . until yesterday i was in the dark about aeroponic you make this totally doable and as easy as dw hydro. i'm really looking forward to 'the calculator' with much anticipation and/or anything else on high pressure aeroponics. You are so nerd cool , like a cross of Bill Nye The Science Guy and Bob Ross . thank you for the info and the entertainment, well done friend.