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Ok, just a little peek at the modifications I am making to the aeroponics system. Now we have a row for starters on the bottom, all around the tank. After they go from seed to starter, this will be their home. The next row up, is for 3 inch net pots. It too goes all the way around. Then we finally top it off with 5 inch net pots around the top edge. The idea, is as plants outgrow their current pot, you can move them up to a larger size. My choice would be to raise them in the same pot the whole time. I also added a chamber in the back to accommodate an auto feeder. Now your fish will have food while you are gone for the day, week, which ever the case may be. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLow pressure aeroponic system version 2 – Progress update #1DIY High Pressure Aeroponics SystemInstalling Organically started plants into your Aeroponics system.Cacoon Maze Vertical Growing System Hydroponics – Aeroponics Living Walls – WallHow to Build a PVC Aeroponics Tube Growing System : Hooked on ‘PonicsAeroponics system – SuperFlow

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