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Houston County Schools Superintendent Dr. Robin Hines planted the first seeds in the vertical aeroponic food production system provided to Westside Elementary School by Americans For Schools in partnership with IMPACTorg. “Westside Gardens,” as it has been dubbed, was provided through a generous donation from Macon-based business Serena Wholesale. The system is designed to be used in the classroom, to promote STEM education. Students will gain hands-on experience as they plan, farm and grow food-producing plants. Westside students and school officials listened as Lee Pickard, president of Americans For Schools; Rocky Khoja, president of Serena Wholesale; Dr. Cynthia Hammond, principal of Westside Elementary School, Dr. Cindy Flesher, Houston County Assistant Superintendent for School Operations; Sean Kumar, chairman of IMPACTorg; and Superintendent Hines. After the first seedlings were planted in the aeroponic towers, Serena Wholesale presented the check that funded the system. Related PostsAeroponics system cannabis grow 7/4POTATO AEROPONICS SYSTEMAeroponics system cannabis grow 5/18New Deep Water / Aeroponics / Kratkyish Hydroponics System – Part TwoLow and High pressure aeroponics system update as on 25 december. Things are getting exciting.aeroponics growing system homemade

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