Aeroponics system cannabis grow 7/23

Aeroponics systems 3.0 grow journal; week 8 – flowering week 3

White widow FEM’d from growers choice running on a cutom aeroponics system. This is just a series of videos capturing a basic grow journal.

6-7 weeks vegetative
4-5 weeks flowering

Aeroponics system cannabis grow 7/23

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  • The Real Prairie Potter

    What type of food system are you using ?? I'm about to jump aboard the NPK Canada train, as I'm having buildup issues at misters. They use powders and aminos and promise me my plugging issues will be worked out.
    Can you tell me what misters you use??
    Thanks alot, keep up the good info

  • Lord Christopher

    Hey great grow I’m running a aero and I’ve had a ton of problems 2 of them you’ve just solved for me thanks!

    One question though, what psi are you running?

  • Phillip Armah

    Amazing growth! I think aero is the way for me. Aside from that, don’t you think that more defoliation would focus the growth on the top of the canopy?

  • Joshua Gonzalez

    Amazing growth with the aeroponic setup! Is the spider led light decent or above average for your plant growth?

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