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Quick update on aeroponics grow for “green crack” clones for last grow. Grow journal can be found over here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAeroponics system cannabis grow 2/9Heath Robinson Aeroflo 56 Aeroponics cannabis growAeroponic Cannabis ( Fastest Grow System )Alien RDWC PRO GROW 2 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabisAlien RDWC PRO hydroponic system cannabis growDIY High pressure Aeroponics system grow tower fully functioning.

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  • Cortex_ _Gaming 3 weeks ago

    are those neoprene inserts? same size from small plant to harvest? Im looking at doing my own just doing some research

  • AeRomAh 3 weeks ago

    I like that make shift humidity maker! Good idea! I too am running the Inkbird both temp and r/h controllers…. got to say so far so good!

    About the drain back to the res….. from the footage it looks like the line rises above the water line…. but, maybe it's the angle of the shot…. but, suggestion… instead of running a Tee fitting…. why don't you try to just increase the diameter of the return line? Increasing the volume of flow will automatically increase the air gap allowing for free flow. Just a thought,

    Are you running an accumulator pressure tank? Oh and yeah… Lowes buckets can see right through them lol…. My local Home Depot carries the black ones in stock.

    Cheers! Look forward to seeing your update!

  • Atom izer 3 weeks ago

    I find hudroton in netpots leaves small gaps for light to get into the chamber. I use a disk of foil bubble insulation an inch or larger than the netpot. Punch a 3/4" hole (not too small as foil bubble can be sharp) for the stem and make a cut from the hole to the edge, much like a neoprene cloner puck. I use the inkbird RH controllers, very reliable piece of kit.