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Hello and welcome to my YouTube Channel In this video you get to see inside The Ponic1 Aeroponics System and how you can empty water from the system using the pump and valve within. I believe Aeroponics is a vastly superior method to grow plants with, It out performs soil growing and hydroponics because of the way in which the system delivers minerals, water, and oxygen to the plants roots. Having success with this prototype system has spurred me on to produce a better system which I will be building and selling here in the UK. Look around my channel to find out more about The Ponic1 Aeroponics System. Please send any inquiries to – Link to YouTube channel – Related PostsAeroponics – The Ponic1 Aeroponics System – features video.Hydroponics and Aeroponics SystemLarge High Pressure Aeroponics System TestVertical Aeroponics Gardening and Growing System (FutureME Seminar)Hydroponic system – Aeroponics – Animation with 3d programHigh Pressure Aeroponics System Components Explained

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