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Hello and welcome to my YouTube Channel In this video I talk briefly about the control box of The Ponic1 Aeroponics System and the on/off intervals it comes programmed with. I believe Aeroponics is a vastly superior method to grow plants with, It out performs soil growing and hydroponics because of the way in which the system delivers minerals, water, and oxygen to the plants roots. Having success with this prototype system has spurred me on to produce a better system which I will be building and selling here in the UK. Look around my channel to find out more about The Ponic1 Aeroponics System. Please send any inquiries to – Link to YouTube channel – Video Rating: / 5 Aeroponic Droplet Size NASA research has shown that plants are more willing to absorb nutrient water in 10 to 50 microns droplets more effectively than any other sizes. Water droplet size is crucial for sustaining aeroponic growth. Too large of a water droplet means less oxygen is available to the root system. Too fine of a water droplet, such as those generated by the ultrasonic mister, produce excessive root hair without developing a lateral root system for sustained growth in an aeroponic system. In review, HPAs require high pressure to operate properly for producing the optimal 50 microns droplet size from the misters. Also, HPAs need precise timers that are adjustable down to seconds. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAeroponics – The Ponic1 Aeroponics System – features video.Aeroponics – Inside the system – The Ponic1 Aeroponics SystemAeroponics system cannabis grow 5/18New Deep Water / Aeroponics / Kratkyish Hydroponics System – Part TwoLow and High pressure aeroponics system update as on 25 december. Things are getting exciting.aeroponics growing system homemade

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  • RonPaul Revered 9 months ago

    It's been a few years. Have you continued improving on your design?

  • Hidden Garden 9 months ago

    Sorry I'm so late lol. Where did you research your time intervals to toggle the pump on/off?

  • Bartmanpoet 9 months ago

    I like your logical based approach, which you back up with the evidence to support your hypothesizes. By presenting the influences of the factors involved in the complete system, you increase the efficiency, while lowering the maintenance involved in keeping a system running. Keep the videos coming! Live long and prosper.

  • Jon Osterman 9 months ago

    I need some help. So, I get the pump hooked up to the reservoir, then the pressure switch, then the accumulator, ball valve, solenoid, then pressure regulator. Is this right? I am looking for 65 psi, and I am using senninger fogger nozzles. Should I get a pump that puts out 100 psi, do I regulate the pressure down to 65psi with the pressure switch or the pressure regulator? I am thinking I need to drop the pressure at the regulator and not the switch, right? Because the switch is just for cycling the pump on and off, and the actual psi of the pump is not adjustable until the water hits the pressure regulator at the end of the line, just before the nozzles? I just want to verify I am correct here. If I am wrong at all, please tell me where, and how. Thanks

  • Techno Tard 9 months ago

    Dude, you got the best stuff on aeroponics. When can we expect the next videos in the series?

  • LowJack187 9 months ago

    Affirmative action at its finest.

  • cali GrapKe 9 months ago

    What is the recommended misting interval, or what is the nasa misting cycle interval

  • Hidden Garden 9 months ago

    Please link us with your recommended nozzle.

  • Todd Meeker 9 months ago

    Where can we fine mister nozzles

  • GeoAeroponic 9 months ago

    Hold a piece of 325 mesh screen upto the light. The holes you can barely see are 44 micron.