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  • Ryan O'Donnell

    Hi there. Beautiful garden you have there. I've be experimenting with aquaponics, hydroponics and am now interested in aeroponics. Do you know of any good, water proof materials that are reasonably priced and quiet, that may be used for the lid of an aeroponic system? Any recommendations and how to get started? Thanks for the post, very inspiring!

  • lakebound09

    Hey Jeff, The NFT's are modeled on the systems from "Easiest Garden". My group at Facebook is "Otterponics" and there is another set of plans for an inexpensive flood and drain system. Or message me if you cant find it.

  • Jeff Donnell

    Hey I'm just getting into setting up my own system for the first time!  I was wondering if you had a supply list for your NFT system?  It looks awesome!  Any diagrams or anything like that would be fantastic.  Thanks in advance and happy growing!

  • Yanglike

    could you tell me an idea of how much electricity does your setup costs approximately per month or year ? Thank you very much for your vids 🙂

  • Deb Lovemytechy

    I am starting my own tower hydroponics and looking around to chose the best parameters, cheap with high quality and least headache..

    I am interested to know what you feed them and what PPM do you keep them at considering strawberries need low PPM under 800 and tomatoes above 2000PPM..
    Chem Gro Hydroponics powder fertilizers look like a great option.. but they have very specific different blends

    What kind of cherry tomatoes are they? are they dwarf (Indeterminate short internodes)? what is the name?

    I am scared of bringing in plants from outside to my indoor system in case they have spider mites and bugs .. Im planning to grow my own tomatoes and peppers and strawberries..

  • Nick Martinez

    I'm having so much trouble finding strawberries running's here in Texas would you ever sell some of the running's you got to root and maybe I could just possibly finally make my strawberry tower I've been wanting to make for the last two years please let me know and thank you for your videos they are so educational

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