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  • Tony K 1 year ago

    What watts are the lights you are using and what type? I'm considering making one myself, but I'm a bit unsure about what sort of lights to use.

  • gasguy 1 year ago

    Don't you just love the D-bags with nothing better to do than dump on your system?
    Oh, and corysgood88, here is the definition of Aeroponics:
    aeroponics [‚er·ə′pän·iks]
    The practice of growing plants without soil while suspended in air; a nutrient and water solution is sprayed on the roots and allowed to drain off to be discarded or recycled.
    Notice that droplet size is never mentioned. What is it with you jagoffs?
    Go back to your gaming and leave the growing to others.

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @corysgood88 oh well. . . . when the larger drops splatter they break into 50 micron droplets. . . . 🙂

  • corysgood88 1 year ago

    misters need to be 50 micron droplet size or less to be true aeroponics

  • jsphjohnson 1 year ago

    nice work,the ones in soil need the lights raised or they will get burnt;again nice set up.

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @210482fmj that doesnt make any sense. . . the point of this is for the inside of this sytem to be very humid and moist. . if i put a vent in. . All that would do is evaporate most of my water, which would build up salts, and i would have to switch the solutions more often. . . soooo. . . none of that is helpful advice. . . .

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @freeman2545 There ARE air stones in this sytem ! The water IS NOWHERE near the cups. . . why are you telling me thins that im already doing . . seriously?!?

  • SinnNorth 1 year ago

    @lamarpaylor2002 Maybe just getting more oxygen into the system.

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @3thegarage Wrong, it's an aeroponics system, a few roots in the solution doesnt change that

  • Lamar Paylor 1 year ago

    Do any of you guys know how to prevent root rot… I prefer not to use sm 90 because of the price tag

  • chi Phan 1 year ago

    Your plants are so healthy. I like to make one Aeroponic system like yours. Could you please make the video steps by steps how to set up and the nutrients need for the plants.
    Thank you for nice video.
    Please keep update, and I look forward to see more video from you.

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @nudle90 nothing,, as long as my airators can work, the roots under the nutrient solution are technically in a DWC system ( deep water culture) no problems with that

  • nudle90 1 year ago

    What do u do when roots get long so they rest on the bottom of the growing chamber?

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @blackboy424 I Made it myself, i followed no instructions, just an idea in my head. . ive done alot of plumbing work, so i already knew how to do the sprayer set up

  • blackboy424 1 year ago

    can you go into anymore details on the setup of the BIN? or link to instructions you followed?

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @englandinacan haha, Wow you are sooooo wrong. . . . The nutrient mix IS Red, a concentrated red solution mixed with water, makes the water a little red, and the foam, was from the two airators in the bottom

  • englandinacan 1 year ago

    Use chemical (ie non organic) nutes and add 0.5-1ml/litre hydrogen peroxide (30%). You've got some bad algae or something else growing in those nutes – the nutrient solution should be colourless and crystal clear

  • Terrible Truths 1 year ago

    @PJisOKE lmao

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @pd5987 … Hydra-farm's Active Aqua, 250 gallon per hour Submersible pump

  • pd5987 1 year ago

    What water pump are you using bro?