Food can grow indoors! Learn how the aeroponic tower garden works and what’s growing with this up close and personal tour of Prisca Learmann’s vertical aeroponic garden.

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What’s the different between aeroponic vs hydroponic? Learn about the tower garden growing system and what Prisca is growing in her tower garden at home. This aeroponic tower garden by juice plus is an awesome option if you don’t have the ability to grow food outside. In this video you’ll learn how tower garden works and have the aeroponic tower system explained. If you want to learn about aeroponic technology, this video is a must watch.
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Aeroponic Tower Garden – Indoor growing made easy

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  • P Learmann

    Realizing one more thing I forgot to mention… there is a PAYMENT PLAN for the Tower Gardens. Though they're shipped right away, the payments are split up over 12 months, so it makes it more manageable. Hope that information helps some people out there… 🙂 Thanks for watching!

  • A Real Kitchn

    I have never heard of these but they are so cool!! I also think they are (hopefully) a glimpse into the future of how we can all be more sustainable and growing our own, affordable food. Thank you!

  • P Learmann

    Thanks for this wonderful chance to get to share what I've experienced about the Tower Garden! The one thing I forgot to mention is how wonderful it is to grow on the Tower Garden with children. My daughter was a huge help in planting the seedlings and writing all the names of the plants on the sticks so we remembered which was which. Every day our whole family gets to marvel at what is new and getting to see the daily changes and growth. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions through Facebook at Living One Vibrant Existence or find me on Instagram at priscalear. Thanks again Nadia!

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