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Greenhouse 9 test system we plant after we have cleaned it . 14th April 2015 Video Rating: / 5 This video shares some of our observations in maintaining healthy roots in a HPA system and shows healthy aeroponic roots after a couple weeks in the High Pressure Aeroponics system by Multiponics. The TreeFrog growing system provides the perfect environment for several types of advantageous root development. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrow Maxx Aeroponic system assembly instructionsBuild a Aeroponic Fogger for your hydroponic systemMy New Aeroponic system home madeHow To: Transplanting from an EZ-CLONE to Aeroponic SystemPure Grows Aeroponic SystemLow pressure aeroponic system version 2 – Progress update #1

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  • Henry Venegas Segura 10 months ago

    Hi, can you please tell me wich kind of sprinkler are you using?

  • El Chupacabra 10 months ago

    Hi, where can I get misters than can produce around 50 micron droplets?

  • RB26dett GTR 10 months ago

    what's your feeding schedule?

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 10 months ago

    The TreeFrogs are 4'x4 and can be hooked up to each other to share reservoirs. They can have 1-26 plants in each depending on your desired spacing. Please feel free to ask us more questions via treefrog miltiponics dotcom

  • Dr Dank 10 months ago

    What do you have that will work for 80 plants?

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 10 months ago

    Now starting at $399! New prices and accessories at multiponicsdotcom/shop

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 10 months ago

    Thanks for the questions.
    Are you asking about the TreeFrog or the DIY HP Aero RetroFit Kit?
    The aero is bullet simple to set up on the TreeFrog. The only part that requires
    any thought is your timer cycle. Virtually any cycle will work.
    We have had success with cycles as short as 5 seconds on/1 minute off, all the way up to 24/7 aero mist. If you want to set up a DIY you can just drill 1/4" holes for the tubing.
    The HP Aero Kit is $264
    The Aero TreeFrog is $995

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 10 months ago

    Thanks for the compliment! I hope you mean tears of joy.

  • Jaymi Scherer 10 months ago

    Those roots look so healthy it makes me want to cry……