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Aeroponic system I developed for my Apartment’s balcony. The watering schedule and Nutrient feeding is controlled by Raspberry Pi. There is also a mobile app running in my Windows Phone through which I can control Watering, watering schedule and add nutrients. For a detailed description of each components, visit my blog I wanted to thank my wife Viji for her wonderful support and not complaining about the mess I created at home in the development phase. Plants are moved to the system two weeks ago, I will upload another video after some time to show the growth the plants in the system. You can watch my first Aeroponic system here Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsAeroFlo 60 site Aeroponic system for CLAeroponic System 21DIY 39 pepper Aeroponic System- EP. 1 (Rails)Aeroponic system home made part 3DYI Aeroponic System: Concord Grape, Roses, Peppers and More! (9/26/13)

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  • Random Guy 1 year ago

    how much do you pay for these pumps? If you biold a diagonal system you only need one pump.

  • manikandan Palaniappan 1 year ago

    Good work sony