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Started to build a Areoponic system to grow my own green vegetable ! 1/2” pvc pipe a walmart container 1000 L/h pump basket 1/2” hose 1′ long 2 tube brackets 10 W led lamp and other stuff … Video Rating: / 5 Multiponics offers HPA (High Pressure Aero) available for both their “TreeFrog” all-in-one growing system and as a DIY Retro-Fit Kit. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAeroponic system home made part 6Aeroponic system home made part 3My New Aeroponic system home madeAeroponic System Design Like A Professional Part 2Home made Deep water hydroponic systemHome made Aeroponics system test run! Designed and made by yours truly!

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  • Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming 4 years ago


    I thought you really might be interested in some of my gardening and aquaponics videos. If so please like, subs…

  • MrDettofatto 4 years ago

    why you don't use a simple dripping system with bato bucket or pot, otherwise a flood & drain, this one make good resluts and it dosen't need to much time (just make a good syphon). One last thing. The system we have like in video make work difficult to change water and nutrients, check ph and ec when you have 1,6metre of tomatoes! XD Is perfect for cloning and small plants, but not for tomatoes, zucchine, and other big vegetables…

  • MrDettofatto 4 years ago

    simple stuff, like dripping or maybe flood and drain, very easy

  • Green Tester 4 years ago

    yeah areoponic … is way to hard to handle if you have a full time job
    i'm looking for simple stuff

    raft system is the solution so far giving me great result whit very little maintenance
    i,ll get a video out in 1-2 week from now i need to re vamp everything to a new location

  • MrDettofatto 4 years ago

    the word aeroponic is abused, maybe because is a cool word :D.
    I've made a similar system like your, but I've used Antelco green sprayers and a sicce syncra silent 3 (714gph). I had some problems during flowering stage as you, I've changed nutrients schedule (different from table) and now all working good. I'm using ghe flora 19grow-25micro-15bloom last week and now 6g-18m-28b (per 10litres). Hope to see your raft system soon! I like it especially in aquaponics!

  • Green Tester 4 years ago

    they are both the same thing from my point of view ! Then again some one could prove me wrong it's still you tube lol

    hmmm areoponic so far gave me great result to start to grow stuff it's the best …. then again during the flower stage it's not working so good … or not at all well i need to make another video about that.

    check out the The Kratky Method & Floating Raft it's very cheap to do and working like a charm i'll make another one and do a video on this pretty soon.

  • MrDettofatto 4 years ago

    System is well made, but isn't an aeroponic system: technically is a hydroponic cloner system or if you like the word "aeroponic" you could call "low pressure aeroponic system".

  • Green Tester 4 years ago

    e-bay check for MICRO SPRAYERS

  • Scarpulla52 4 years ago

    Where did you buy the sprinklers from?

  • Green Tester 4 years ago


  • Budda BlueStar 4 years ago

    U jamaican?

  • Green Tester 4 years ago

    20W 1000L/H AC 110V 2m Submersible Water Pump
    20 $ so a good 264.2GPH

  • Anthony Reyes 4 years ago

    how many GPH pump is that? looks a little small.

  • Ike D 4 years ago

    Im gonna look through ya vids later but i wanted to know where the water is in a seperate res do u need a air pump so the water dont just sit an become stagnant

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 4 years ago

    @Justgivemethethruth, thanks for the comments. We leave all comments up, even the haters. We appreciate the criticism and admittedly have less info up than we'd like to. Have you spent any time viewing our channel or the "learn" section of the website? Our gear is unique so I get how it is hard to compare it to anything to determine what "expensive" is. We use NASA technology and manufacture locally and use food grade equipment so compared to a low pressure aero or poisonous PVC system, then yes it is quite expensive! You have to be clean with your reservoir, keep your temps down, and know what nutrients (and biology) you are growing with but we aren't selling hype, just advanced gardening gear like the website says. Please email or call us we'd love to oblige your requests for information and building your confidence. Also these videos quote higher prices, check out our prices are lower!

  • justgivemethetruth 4 years ago

    Very interesting video.

    I went to the website and it is "underwhelming".  Whole areas are vacant, and they do not have much for sale, but what they do have is incredibly expensive.

    There is also not much information, and it appears there is special expensive nutrient solution that you must buy to keep the jets from clogging, and those jets themselves which appear to be like the nozzles on spray bottles are really expensive.

    I'd love to work with this stuff, but I see very few people making videos, and no one really taking a plant all the way through its life cycle to show that this works.

    Maybe in the future if your prices ever drop and I have some confidence and information about how these systems work and if they do any better than growing in the ground.

  • Joe Mamma 4 years ago

    Couldn't be much less maintenance to operate. I mix up about 20 gal. of nutes once a week in a separate reservoir, using your aeroponic timer to mist briefly makes minimal runoff which is just drained to waste. The roots get the exact same nutrient strength and PH week after week.

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 4 years ago

    Great news! Our prices are WAY down. You can now buy our TreeFrog™ HP Aero Platform for only $640
    Just go to our site under the shop header and click "Systems"

  • Caperinglat 4 years ago

    Where's the 9.95 kit? cannot find it on your site.

  • riffle666 4 years ago