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Check us out on Facebook and give us a “like”! We are also starting a live blog in early October at Indoor Harvest, Inc. is an emerging developer of commercial Aeroponics systems and business for indoor CEA urban farming operations. Our mission is to develop an affordable commercial solution for urban growers entering the urban farming market. The design of our Aeroponics system uses a unique modular design that will allow growers to fully customize the platform to their own unique needs. Growers will be able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions by changing the produce they grow to meet market demands. Our system is being designed to grow everything from large herbs to microgreens using the same base system. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Harvest Aeroponic System Oshoka ChangemakersIndoor Harvest Patent Pending Aeroponic SystemHyperaerated aeroponic system, Germination to Harvest Ep.15Hyperaerated aeroponic system, Germination to Harvest Ep.14Building Your Indoor Farm – John Choo (Indoor Harvest) – AVF Summit 201610 Day Basil Time Lapse in Aeroponics

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  • Glen Fernandes 1 month ago

    What is the cover on the net pots called from which the plant is emerging??