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WE ARE PRODUCING POTATO MINI TUBER FOR OUR CUSTOMERS UNDER AEROPONIC CONDITIONS IN TURKEY. HYDROSER LTD. COMPANY. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAeroponic potato tuber production 3. editionArctic Farms Hydroponic Vegetable ProductionImproved Potato Farming Yields Results in BangladeshAeroponic greenhouse produces tons of veggies in air conditioned comfortMinecraft Xbox Ep 31 Building Wheat, Carrot & Potato Farms! (Vertical Farms)Aeroponic/Aquaponic Barrel Potato Tower!

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  • Ben Jackbag Mank 5 months ago

    What kind of net cups are the potato roots suspended in? Is the water/nutrients continually sprayed on the root system or do the roots get submerged in water? What's your yield?

  • makda estifanos 5 months ago

    plsease send me the answer at my g mail account caz am interested!!thanks

  • makda estifanos 5 months ago

    how do you sart planting from the begining is it by tissue culture or other method??thanks

  • Emir Roseley 5 months ago

    i like the background music!

  • Srinivas T 5 months ago

    i interest to start potato cultivation india i want to know- full information

  • Wasn't the idea of aeroponic that you don't need pesticides?

  • JB deCABOURG 5 months ago

    for the next germination think of rock wool.

  • Linda cavalier 5 months ago

    What is the watering system for the plants

  • Baris gokce 5 months ago


  • upplsuckimcool16 5 months ago

    seems to me there is FAR too much light getting into the root zone.

  • Vladimir Bobrov 5 months ago

    I'm very interesting …

  • Rasni Baba 5 months ago

    Thank you, it is amazing, and I'm very interesting…

  • Rajender Kumar 5 months ago

    Insh alaahhhhh………..

  • TheBadCat 5 months ago

    Hey, amazing, but why not use biological "Pestizide" like "good bugs" and and just something against the fungi?
    Where do the water come from? didnt get it..

  • Erol SINAN 5 months ago

    You are welcome Mr Zoran

  • Zoran Lutovac 5 months ago

    Thank you mr. Erol for this video!

  • Erol SINAN 5 months ago

    thanks for the interest Mr Patel. I can sell the system to you. Please kindly write your wishes to my mail address.

  • Yogesh Patel 5 months ago

    It is superb … if you give me more details i want to do it. can you sell your product.

  • onosasgi 5 months ago

    I think it's great … and I have some questions …..
    Can you send me information about the support system of the plant on the board?, How many kilos produce a plant?, Is this consumer potato or seed produced only?
    I'm really interested in this production system, and I appreciate the information that you could offer me.
    Thank you.