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Love this greenhouse! Meet sisters Jessica and Katherine Grandey as Fox Orlando visited the Greenhouse just North of Orlando. Related Posts1 year… still going, tons of mistakes.Amazing Desert Greenhouse Using Vertical Aeroponic Tower Garden TechnologyUrban Tower Garden Farm At The GreenHouseFuture Growing Tower Garden® Farm at The GreenHouse, Central FloridaHydroponic Farmer Produces Year-Round HarvestLargest indoor vertical farm uses less water and produces more

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  • unknown cuyler 5 months ago

    that is NOT aeroponics.

  • Indra Indawan 5 months ago

    good job…hai..i am from indonesia

  • John Bladykas 5 months ago

    Where in apopka is this company

  • 1337Sauce 5 months ago

    lol proprietary solution… let me guess Gen Hydro, Advanced Nutrients, or Botanicare=)

  • vermary 5 months ago

    Plants are supposed to be planted in the ground. These things only give rise to cancer and other diseases that we dont have a name for as yet.

  • shadyman2000 5 months ago

    She reminders me of the Ermergerd! Gersberms!

  • MrGoodkat 5 months ago

    Lol i really like Jessica.She looks like the happiest person ever.

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    Since YouTube messaging isn't working right now, if you'd like more info on getting one of the Tower Gardens in  your own yard, patio, or living room, email me at

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    Todd, I've been following your progress and it's fun watching the Tower Gardens spread across southern California. Everyone needs a Tower Garden!

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    amarantusdubias, if you add me as a contact, I'll be able to message you the info. Thanks!

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    Yes, I do. I'll message you 🙂

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    Joseph, you could do Tower Gardens ON a food truck! We've been tossing the idea around of mobile Tower Gardens. It's completely feasible! Imagine pulling lettuce off a Tower Garden and serving it 5 minutes later to your customer. Or cilantro, basil, dill….It would be amazing!

  • Joseph Worley 5 months ago

    Love this, I would LOVE to have a business that helps to send my produce to local restaurants, or nearby neighborhood families for cheaper than the store…and safer. I always wanted to start a food truck 😉 This is a really great/amazing gardening system I am learning about. I like the idea of a community garden even.

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    Pretty amazing, isn't it?!

  • bintlooda 5 months ago