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Update on the testing and development of the my prototype Air Atomizing Aeroponics grow system. This is a full DIY High Pressure Aeroponics grow system. More specifically it’s Air Atomizing Aeroponics. The main difference between HPA Aero and AA Aero is : HPA uses pressurized water to inject water/mist to the root zone. While AAA utilizes pressurized air to inject and atomize the feed nutrients to the root zone. I’ve always been a hydroponic grower, DWC ( deep water culture ), Ebb & Flow / flood and drain, etc., and I must be honest. I don’t think there is another growing method, which can keep up with Air Atomizing Aeroponics. Although this is my first attempt at growing in such… I am going to conduct as many tests with this system to see if it is capable of doing everything I would expect from my HPA system. Cloning is probably the last thing on my list before I go to fruit/flower and harvest. Once, I complete this series of tests I do plan to conduct side by side tests for comparison between different types of hydro, which have proven track records with good yields. Cheers! Related PostsHow To Cultivate / Maintain Healthy Cannabis Aeroponic Roots HPAA / CO2 Monitor / Grow Time LapseAeroponic Low Pressure System 5 inch Rails vegetable or cannabis – part 1Aeroponics system cannabis grow 2/9Aeroponics system cannabis grow 1/25BEST CANNABIS GROW EVER!! Aeroponic Cannabis by James E Wagner!!DWC Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Ep 1. System Specs & Setup

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  • This is awesome! I had this idea of using pressurized air to send the water flying in little microns…but the reason I thought of it was to avoid clogging, I didn't consider the micron sizing…the air probably distributes a better spectrum of microns, I know that's getting picky but maybe there's something to it. Check out this video, shows the simple mechanics of how something like a venture is used to do this, hopefully this helps 😀

  • F. Gons 2 weeks ago

    Hi bro
    Can i get your email
    I really need help

  • Ralen Pelonio 2 weeks ago

    Hell yes brother me and you have the same substancial background using different hydroponic grow systems. For my fogp Grow system I hand made my sprayers which you can see them on my Instagram: sp8dezcali420growers. With my system i use only 4liters of water mix with nutrients for each grow stage and it produces about 0.227 Microns of atomized droplets. Try germinating your seeds in the system. Its awesome.

  • Savant 05 2 weeks ago

    Great job but your roots are a little brown they should be pearl white.

  • Wilhelm Kahn 2 weeks ago

    @AeRomAh – This is where ponics gets interesting. I'm hanging in here to get as much gen as possible from some experts. I've enjoyed jPapapot and Tech Sounds, but now the there is a strong element of science in the cultivation and that's the way I wanna go. It's only been 3 months since I started to collect information. Thank YouAll.

  • Atom izer 2 weeks ago

    I dont class my AA systems as HPA, they only run at 30psi 😉