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This is my first time growing weed in a aerogarden so far so good. I am growing Cyclops from The 7 dwarf seeds 4 weeks from seed Little dwarf Royal Queen seeds ( the big plant) 7 weeks from seed. Red Dwarf Buddha seeds 3 weeks from seed Nutrients- AeroGarden I buy my dwarf seeds from Attitudeseeds Thanks for watching! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts600 watt HPS Grow Tent Marijuana Hydroponics Purple Jems Buds Auto Flower weed indoor pot2 liter auto siphon hydroponic systemCannabis Garden Tour – Week 2 Flower | Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Room | Weed GardenCannabis Garden Tour – Week 3 Flower | Hydroponic Weed Garden | Learn how to grow MarijuanaDIY hydroponic DWC auto top up ★★★★★AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Hydroponic System Unboxing, Setup and Breakage (My Fault)

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  • scott valcourt 8 months ago

    too cramed together maybe?

  • joeonejoeone 8 months ago

    I really love Aerogardens, this one works really good! I'm running out of room for them now. I enjoy fresh herbs for cooking. My garden is growing like a weed. Easy to operate. Love it>>> .

  • Jeremiah Holmes 8 months ago

    p.h. is fine they prefer more acidic then alkaline also the yellowing of the tops is not good you might need more nutrients or most likely a different nutrient combo all together. It should be a darker green . and the more space you give each plant the better the results. people think the more plants they cram in the more they will get this is often incorrect.

  • activemailorder6 8 months ago

    Did you end up pulling the red dwarf? I've only had lucky growing one at a time, those roots get big!!!!

  • Michael Manners 8 months ago

    Is the smell really strong for it be growing in the house?