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The system works. The AeroFarms and EcoVeggies partnership to bring an aeroponic growing system to St. Philips Academy has demonstrated vertical controlled agriculture that grows without soil, pesticides and sunshine. This allows production anywhere, anytime, and with full control of the quality and exposure of the growing process. Students learn about growing, biology, chemistry, math and the environment using the machine. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics Europe: Assembly Aeroponic System AeroFlo GHE28 Site Aeroponics System – Home Made DIYAeroponic System V2Hydroponic Garden, 5000w, 2 strain 30 site ebb N grow bucket systemGreen Diamond aerosystem aeroponic vertical systemVertical Aeroponic System

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  • Jacob Potts 1 year ago

    Is that what is making the noise?

  • Wiltko 1 year ago

    what are u going to grow?

  • softclay4thought 1 year ago

    Good to see a way of growing nutrient rich crops without the need for pesticides and a waste of water that most irrigation traditions can't avoid doing.
    This is part of the solution of feeding more people without polluting the oceans with pesticide and nitrogen runoff.

  • Bernice Chase 1 year ago

    This is indeed visionary and timely. Definitely the way forward in feeding our planet. Thank you for sharing and please send some info. on how to access this technology.

  • Eliecer Alberto Velasco 1 year ago