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Skyvantage provides low-altitude, aerial filming and photography using a remote-controlled multi-rotor camera platform. We capture stunning viewpoints and ultra-smooth tracking shots without the need for helicopters (and with far less noise intrusion) or dolly rails, and at a fraction of the cost. Our system offers far more flexibility than the traditional methods for obtaining aerial or elevated vantage points and we can be airborne in a matter of minutes. Using a 360° gyroscopic gimbal and video downlink, images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the Pilot, Cameraman, Client or Director full control of the filming angles and framing. Providing broadcast quality HD film for a wide variety of clients and applications including production companies, corporate promotional videos, sports, events, commercials, TV and viral films for brands on the Internet. Skyvantage also has full design & video editing capabilities. Skyvantage is fully insured with public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) with permissions for aerial work granted by the CAA. If you would like to talk to us about taking your films and photography to a new dimension, please contact us at Video Rating: / 5 A tour of a tiny house earthship that is self sufficient and has a roof top garden. Off grid tiny home. This was filmed at colony earth eco-village where they hold workshops and teach about sustainable living and building techniques. Tiny homes are a way to live debt free and become self sufficient. If you are interested in being a part of colony earth and even doing workshops, you can contact Xavior at and thanks for watching!!! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsKensington Roof Gardens Promo VideoPersian Wedding | Kensington Rooftop Gardens | Bloomsbury Films ®London becomes a Roof Garden City with […]

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  • Jadn Trading 11 months ago

    Hey, just curious, are you allowed to film buildings close to 150m and people close to 50m with a PFAW? I'm thinking of doing the course. Thanks.

  • Kenzieb Rodents 11 months ago

    Love this but it isn't an earthship. earthships are totally sustainable from the inside, this one doesn't really even have windows!

  • I don't worry for the next generations. I had a vasectomy and zero kids. Existence is fucked up. This self delusional alpha eco male constructing his private little Utopia is very entertaining to watch though, I'd like to see what he does when the army comes through.

  • Veronica Conway 11 months ago

    Is there a video with this finished??

  • Ava Adore 11 months ago

    it's amazing how determination to escape, tune out, society gets the creative juices flowing. the only place to construct these homes is out and far away from the masses, zoning could be a problem in some areas, too

  • the lanarchist 11 months ago

    $12,000 Tiny House Earthship w/ Roof Top Garden – Off Grid Tiny Home!!!

  • asusreviews 11 months ago

    12k on that garbage?

  • thedrew4you 11 months ago

    That is none of those things you said. Looks more a like a death trap.

  • macyrocks your business 11 months ago


  • The Breath 11 months ago

    I agree how you considered this house an earthship. But a quick question, im sure you are fimilar with hempcrete( lime binder mixed with hemp hurd), if I were to use the same application of the earthship in terms of building up the earth with the building, but used hempcrete instead of the tires and alunium cans, would this provide the earthship with enough insulation and stability? Any help? Thx

  • Jon amber home stead dream john (nw) 11 months ago

    how can i find the solar like you are looking in to i try to find it on google

  • Bunny Mad 11 months ago


  • Don't Usually Comment 11 months ago

    Why not plant the plants in the ground instead of the roof?

  • justgivemethetruth 11 months ago

    7:03 – What was the thing that the woman who invented a livable greenhouse … soul viva ???  Where can that be looked up …. I could not find any reference to it?

  • justgivemethetruth 11 months ago

    Seriously …. follow your dream.

  • justgivemethetruth 11 months ago

    Do you promise to post the video in the rainy season when the soil gets saturated and heavy and the roof falls in?

  • Extremely raised bed more like it, nice film.

  • nzinga zindua 11 months ago

    love it.

  • sandra reed 11 months ago

    Thanks for sharing.  Great idea!

  • ghostaliaz 11 months ago

    Really smart ideas. I love to see people doing things like this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashley Casey 11 months ago