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For lots more information Check out my Website! Today’s video is a general overview of hydroponics. I go through the many advantages of growing indoors with hydroponics and a few of the disadvantages. overall I think it’s a good investment to try if you have a little space. I only use a corner of a small basement and I am able to have 8+ shelves with many plants growing. Buying through these links supports this channel so I can continue to give you the best information on indoor farming. Grow lights Budget Grow light: Grow light I use: 100W is true 100W High end Grow light: Mediums: Rockwool starter plugs: Clay Pebbles: Container kit: Net Pots: Reflective sheet: Net pot holders: Trays and humidity domes: Most important: Hydroponic solution: Extra: Temperature and humidity sensor: Best offers for your Garden – ————— Disadvantages of a Roof Garden. City dwellers wishing to grow fresh vegetables and flowers sometimes opt to plant gardens on the rooftops of homes, apartment complexes and commercial office buildings. While some roof gardens produce healthy foods and flowers with minimal problems, others experience difficulties. Table of contents Disadvantages of a Roof Garden Common Disadvantages 00:36 Leakage 01:06 Other Drawbacks 01:29 —————– Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAdvantages and disadvantages of hydroponics farming – 2020Aquaponics vs Hydroponics vs Soil gardening advantages and disadvantagesThe Advantages and Disadvantages of HydroponicsGarden Landscaping The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroponicsblog 759-vertical. farming. advantages vs disadvantagesBenefits of Green Roofing – What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Green Roof? Gardening

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  • Danny Jaeger 3 weeks ago

    Good vid. I started with micro greens like you. Still do some, soilless on coco fiber mats. So no nats just cracking into kratcky with some peppers lettuce and tomatoes. Other thing I am trying is clones aeroponic in a bucket and pump with sprayer. Trying for clines on some garden shrubs bushes. Then will see if I can get my hardy kiwis to clone.