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In todays video we are adding a vertical planter to the vegetable garden. We are going to planting herbs and strawberries in it. This planter is a 5 tier vertical planter from greenstalk. It is a Family owned company and made in the USA. Vertical Garden Tower Our Facebook page: E-mail us at: Send Mail to: Country View Acres P.O. Box 469 Robinson, IL 62454 We live in southeastern Illinois on a 41 acres homestead. We just finished building our log cabin overlooking our pond. We are trying to grow our own food and raise livestock. Follow us on our journey living the rural life and developing our property and becoming more self sufficient. Related PostsGreenStalk Vertical Planter * Space Saver * Flower Tower * NO WEEDS!*⟹ DIY 55 gallon self watering vertical garden planter | How to build start to finish!Grow a Vertical Herb Garden in a Greenstalk PlanterHow to Plant a GreenStalk Vertical Planter | Step by StepGreenStalk Vertical Planter – April 2016DIY Vertical Planter Container (Small Space Gardening)

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  • HORSEFACE Horse 1 month ago

    That needs to be in a place sheltered from the wind. Way too top heavy for his place in the middle of Kansas

  • Deborah Crutchfield 1 month ago

    I am doing a marathon on your videos always enjoy them. I have a different type of the planters but work the small bought it from Walmart. I have 4 high all herbs . Wow there hugh. Looks good . Hi from Tennessee

  • Estella Knox 1 month ago

    Planter is wonderful

  • henry wilkinson 1 month ago

    dont forget the siccle

  • Ken Cote Investigations 1 month ago

    Evan try scraping your finger nails across a bar of soap before playing in the dirt. When its time to wash up ta da no dirt under your nails. I just tried it this past week. Works great. Thanks for another awesome video.

  • Janetta Vculek 1 month ago

    Read some of the others about wind blowing it, and I really think you need to anchor this down some way. It did look a little top heavy. I really like the concept of this planter.

  • Larry Kluck 1 month ago

    We have looked at something like that. Looking to see how it works

  • Zelda koons 1 month ago


  • David Mann 1 month ago

    What's going on with Haying ?

  • Barbara Huber 1 month ago

    It doesn't seem very stable. A stiff wind will topple it over. Personally I would have run rebar straight down the center hole, through the platform and well into the ground. The drip holes in the trays would still let the water through. Would love to have one of those.

  • Paul G 1 month ago

    You might regret planting dill in there. Dill grows pretty big and the seeds will go everywhere.

  • Annette Newton 1 month ago

    That really looks great, but I wonder how is going to stand up to wind

  • William O'Connor 1 month ago

    Those containers look interesting I’ll will go check them out

  • William Jenkins III 1 month ago

    Better anchor that to the ground or it’s going to turn over !

  • Coney_Slinger 1 month ago

    Your garden Is gonna be crazy this year.

  • OLD DAWG DREAMING 1 month ago

    Looks good Evan, should be a good addition to your garden area. Thanks for sharing with us, Fred.

  • Robert Hillyard 1 month ago

    i think that blow over m8 need that on front of house not there

  • Robert Hillyard 1 month ago

    how come you use a grave-digging shovel get uk shovel that you use is no good

  • Lyle Smith 1 month ago

    Evan, if you end up with it blowing over in a storm, one t-post should fix that. BAM! I'm an engineer now! Lol NOT! Anyways, great video! It will be fun to watch the progress thru the summer heat. One last thing, I think it's time for another walkabout video with You and your wife and pups checkin out the homestead. I love those videos the most! Thanks for sharing!