Adding Hydroponic Nutrients - Saturday Plant Talk

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Hydroponic Nutrients

Whats up grow buddies, it’s Mike here from Grow Indoors 365 with another weekly update. In today’s video I get to the discuss how I add my nutrients, measuring pH levels, PPM talk, what nutrients I use, and why.

So much to come in the next few months, very exciting stuff, we are going to grow together all around the world. Please subscribe, share, and like the video. See you soon for the Q & A.

Adding Hydroponic Nutrients – Saturday Plant Talk

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  • sameer shaikh

    hey mike.. can we give nutrients daily.. like (flora grow,flora micra,flora bloom edsom salt) solution to the plats if water level goes down

  • Lit' AHSr.

    what kind of lettuce do you use? When I go to the store it said "green leaf lettuce" I love that kind of lettuce but when I try to find the seeds no where to find

  • Robert Glosson

    Judge Judy says "basically" is the most over used word in the English language. You make her statement true. I do love you videos.

  • Kiana Lawyer

    Can't wait to learn more about what nutrients and PH levels should be used for different plants. Just found a local hydroponics shop in MD and bought all the equipment I need to start growing. Great videos!

  • mathew freistadt

    Have you figured out an easier way to swap your nutes with those tanks? Are you able to make a full lettuce grow without adding nutes

  • Darren R

    Great video.. I am 14 days into my first grow and using a LED light and chose the flora grow series for my nutrients. Will be putting the plants in the dwc on wed. two thumbs up!

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