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take your time and do not use a straight blade use a hook blade you can get it at home of the deep. EPDM rubber warm roof being installed over old decking using a new vapour barrier and thermally broken fixings. The guttering and gutter board has been removed so that the insulation can be fixed between the joists, continuing the insulation of the new warm roof down to the wall of the building. When installing a new warm roof ,this area is often forgotten – its rather like sleeping under your quilt and not tucking in the edges, so you get cold spots along the edges. Cold spots or cold bridging in new warm roof construction is becoming a big issue; the more we insulate our roofs and buildings the more we control the movement of air and the moisture in that air vapour control is extremely important; cold bridging and warm moist air is a disaster waiting to happen. In the right conditions condensation will form where there is cold bridging, and rot can set in. The worst case scenario is that the condensation can drip from the area of cold bridging and cause water damage to the building ceiling or walls. Controlling condensation cold bridging and sweating is all part of the Thermal Design of the roof and, realistically, the building. It is important to thermally design an element of a building such as the roof, taking into consideration the other elements of the building – change one and you could be changing all of them. Related PostsImproper Roof Vent Installation on New RoofBuilding new Front Porch, adding decorative Concrete, new roof, New Old House on the Block!How to: Roofing – Capping and Installing Ridge VentCold flat roof construction ExplainedAdding a Green Grid to your Yardage BookGreen […]


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  • roofrepairspecial 6 months ago

    lightly bang your hammer on roof to find studs

  • Bikewithlove 6 months ago

    Thank you for posting, this was incredibly helpful! Just installed a similar aluminum vent on my garage roof, and it immediately made a big difference in air temperature. My garage roof shingles are a bit more layered but the same rules applied. I used a flat bar, and I found that the roof nails were easier to get out after cutting out the opening in the roof. Rather than cut out a big square I chose to cut out a circle between planks and thereby keep the wood planks mostly intact. I also applied a ring of clear roofing sealer inside along where the metal cylinder meets the wood, and along the sides and over the nails on the outside. Looks great!

  • Cheri Leonard 6 months ago

    Great video! What about installing a roof vent on metal roofing? We live in the country and we have metal roofing.

  • yepetoesca Escamilla 6 months ago

    How many vents do i have to have in my roof? One per side of the house?

  • mark mcg 6 months ago

    quick and easy,,, good video , one question should you use polyurethane around edges??

  • Donotlie Seeker 6 months ago

    Awesome Video, Thank You.

  • Quality Roofing Services LTD 6 months ago

    good job  

  • qmax22 6 months ago

    Nice job, everybody else is a roofer,never being on a roof,but they call themselves professional roofers.

  • roofrepairspecial 6 months ago

    heres something funny ,,,USA unusually stupid americans ……….hahahahahahah

  • roofrepairspecial 6 months ago

    bang the roof you will find stud on both sides cut in the middle

  • roofrepairspecial 6 months ago

    what hole dumb dumb,,,,,

  • roofrepairspecial 6 months ago

    you sure can

  • roofrepairspecial 6 months ago

    dose not matter

  • Geofficus Mazalin 6 months ago

    Make a pilot hole next to the truss and shove a piece of wire through the hole…cut the opening on whatever side the truss isn't.

  • ACYOTA Crown 6 months ago

    What method did you use to know, if you are going to be between the rafters when you make the cut? From top to down in between the rafters?

  • irish89055 6 months ago

    nice of that roofer to have put some tar paper over the plywood huh?…

  • jaygen72 6 months ago

    Great video…didn't realize it was soo easy…very quick with that flatbar too

  • roofrepairspecial 6 months ago

    thanks man i do try my best to always do better then everyone else. kind regards

  • RoofingContractorME 6 months ago

    Good Job – Pre-cut and the flat bar master awesome 😉

  • satxusa 6 months ago

    Thanks so much for taking the time to record and post this video. It is a great help to us novice home-repair folks.

    Just like having an expert working with you!

  • darren davies 6 months ago

    Upvc single ply is by far superior to this product. I'd rather use felt systems than EPDM to
    Be honest. Good job though.

  • Gary Arnold 6 months ago

    Can I install EDPM on my log cabin roof, onto new osb3 board in the current UK temps? around 6-7 degrees daytime 1-3 degrees night time?

  • Michael Ledford 6 months ago

    Sorry pal but unless Europe has some miracle EPDM I don't know about after 4 decades as a journeyman roofer the walls ,roof curb and chimney flashing will all fail within a decade ,the rubber will shrink and pull off the walls ,a product that Firestone ,Versico aka Goodyear and Carlisle EPDM roofs mandate at walls is called RUSS strip amd you didn't install it ,RUSS is a 6 inch wide 60 mil roll of heavily reinforced EPDM that sits flush at the break in the walls & deck ,it gets screwed and plated every 8 inches ,then your field sheet of rubber is glued directly to the RUSS stripping before being rolled up the wall as flashing ,RUSS completely eleminates the natural shrinkage of the field sheets from pulling the rubber off the walls ,in USA RUSS is also used around all penatrations such as soil pipes and such , why no RUSS strip ?

  • Slashley gibbins 6 months ago

    I fucking love YouTube! Cheers fella.

  • ajmal ibrahimi 6 months ago

    Very good job my friend

  • dan bea 6 months ago

    What the best covering out there and why would it be recommended

  • Clear sky Over the lake 6 months ago

    hell of a roof

  • simon swarbrick 6 months ago


  • joe clifford 6 months ago

    great video Steve, very informative thanks!
    Could i ask what adhesive you used to bond the EPDM to the insulation?
    Also as a vapour control barrier would tyvek be suitable?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Tim Carre 6 months ago

    Great job!! Only hope the window area got sorted as there should have really been a vertical water-stop 60-150mm rise at this location no matter what the window installer or owners desired. On this video there didn't seem like anything was in place to stop water flowing into the house.

  • Wes Laynes 6 months ago

    No disrespect but been installing epdm for 18 years and for that reason i use osb 12mm over insulation or even 18mm then it is so much stronger if you drop any thing on it chances are it will be having a patch.
    We did used to use this method about 10 years ago using a one layer 3b with hot tar as the vapour barrier.

  • David Smith 6 months ago

    Can you stick epdm rubber to brickwork under flashing?

  • Infurious barstard 6 months ago

    Hi Steve just a quick question mate, I noticed you put the epdm membrane on top of the insulation, when you do it like this like this can you use the usual water based adhesive or is it better using the contact adhesive for the whole of the membrane, if so do you need to apply contact adhesive to the insulation and the underside of the membrane?

  • Spencer Crocker 6 months ago

    What thermally broken fixings do you recommend?

  • bearwoodcarpentry 6 months ago

    Tip for you… When your membrane arrives unpack and roll round a length of 2×1 carpet style . This rids you of all the folds and will give a flatter finish when laid out next day after relaxation, good vids Steve thx for all the advise.

  • Steven Dickinson 6 months ago

    You can walk on the EPDM without a second OSB decking have you viewed my video How strong is EPDM rubber
    Its Strong 

  • Dean Collins 6 months ago

    Why wouldn't you use a OSB product over the top of the insulation? Seems crazy to have a roof you cant walk on now for fear of damaging it…..

  • Farmer Forty 6 months ago

    Hi Steve this is a really informative video, I would like to know if the old roof covering was in good condition could you go over the top and would you still need the vapour control layer ?
    if so would it stick to the old covering ok ?
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Ian Kirkland 6 months ago

    HI Steve, finding your videos very informative and useful. I'm planning on installing a warm flat roof to my extension later this year using EPDM should be pretty straight forward. What vapour barrier would you recommend? I will be laying on new sheathing ply with 100mm insulation.


  • adam kingdon 6 months ago

    I've a rooftop that has views over Hyde Park in London, if I were to insulate the roof with epdm or maybe another rubber insulation would it be able to be walked on? Does the rain water dry faster than a felt roof? could I fix a wood decking system that won't interfere with the plumbing system or downpipes guttering etc? Do I require planning permission to walk on my flat roof?