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  • geraldlee11 4 months ago

    Where do you get the ash from? Did I miss that?

  • daveyray daveyray 4 months ago

    Love your channel James. Good tips,easy goin' style. Glad I found it. Please, do tell; Who's that singing at 10:5512:35, 13:3014:00, 14:3014:55, 15:4016:10 etc ? Um Um Um sweet . Like to add to my singin-gitpickin repertoire.

  • Archit Kulkarni 4 months ago

    It was a great video and also all viewers would like to see the end result of that hot composting process so please share it .thankyou.

  • Elzy Linder 4 months ago


  • FRMONSIVAIS 4 months ago


  • TheTrock121 4 months ago

    It is easy to raise the pH too much. I added wood ash for many years until I ran into trouble, and now have to add sulphur to all my acid loving plants. This is especially true w/ clay soils.

  • dennis klug 4 months ago

    Can you use hay and straw in making compost?

  • heyitsme 4 months ago

    For some reason you've got a Channing-Tatum vibe going in this vid 🙂 . Thanks so much for the valuable information – wow – I feel like I can do this too. Love-love-love your boy Tuck – xoxo.

  • Sadie Christenson 4 months ago

    Can you please tell me who was playing the music? It's beautiful!

  • Rosemary Moore 4 months ago

    I love working in my garden. The reward for my labor is fresh veggies
    for my table.

  • Barsh Ko 4 months ago

    I use…
    Coffee grounds
    Duck poop
    Brown leaves
    Wood Chips
    Food scraps

    Gets up to 60 plus degrees (In winter) turn daily for the first week 3 weeks tops all of it is fully composted including sticks the size of your digits let the worms finish the rest 😀

  • Dauphinislanddavid O sa li he li ga 4 months ago

    Great compost building,I use the super large garbage cans with wheels and we use coffee grounds everyday and lots of banana peels ,leaf and lots of organic matter from previous gardens it makes some of the most potent compost I mix it with potting soil due to the strength ,must rotate your mix at least once a week add powered lime keep and it damp so it can break down properly ,this method works great for me but I will be trying out your way in the near future , thanks for the info

  • 1fanger 4 months ago

    We just throw the hardwood ash, along with small chunks of charcoal from the woodstove right on the garden beds in winter, right on the snow. By spring planting time, the ash and carbon has been incorporated by freezing and thaw action. Eggshell meal is made with a corn grinder. That is just used like pulverized lime. The same with cooked out and roasted ground chicken bones.

  • Robert Thomas 4 months ago

    The worms will either run away or die from the heat.

  • Esa Rintala 4 months ago

    Thank You for video. I'm newbe in gardening. I just happen to hear from my relative that adding egg shells to compost makes prosess to go slower… So I decided add egg shells to compost after bio material composting prosess is done while spreading that to plant. I really don't know how much one can add eggs and wood ash. Is there any other method than try and see the results?

  • Wendy Cash 4 months ago

    This was disappointing.  The title says "What happens a few days later will surprise you" and I thought you would show that.