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Get a free trial of the Subscription site content here: Full site coming soon! Want more great SoulStrength Fit Kid’s Resources. The subscription site includes all of the SoulStrength Fit Kids Videos, Accompanying Fitness Inspired E-Book, and Educational Activity Pages to go with each story. Get a free trial of the Subscription site content here: Adam and Eve In the Garden of Eden for kids | Animated Short Bible Stories with Exercise for Kids by Kelly Wenner & SoulStrength Fit. Get up, get moving and learn all about Adam and Eve while you get exercise. Perfect for Sunday school and pre-school lessons. Related PostsJESUS | Agony in the Garden | Maundy Thursday | Bible for kids | New Testament | Bible storiesGarden Animals | Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn ESL Story Wow English TVAnimals in the Garden + MORE Stories with Steve and Maggie for Kids | Wow English TVMonkey And Garden Hindi Kahaniya – Stories For Kids – Panchatantra Moral StoryEnglish for kids – Learn english through stories: What is in my gardenTHE SELFISH GIANT – KIDS HUT STORIES || BEDTIME STORIES AND FAIRY TALES FOR KIDS – ANIMATED STORIES

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