hi, this autumn I found an oak acorn with already a beginning of the stem, I took it and potted it. now he has made me 6 wonderful leaves. but what should I do besides watering it?

Oak tree

Dear Federica,

preparing a bonsai starting from the seed is certainly a complex undertaking, which gives great satisfaction; right now to be patient and allow your plant to develop at its best, to make many branches, to vegetate until it reaches an acceptable size. It is not easy, because oaks do not always adapt to living in captivity, i.e. in pots, so right now, try to keep the plant healthy and in shape, watering it when the soil is dry, fertilizing every 12-15 days, with a fertilizer for bonsai, and checking that it does not get sick or prey to insects. Young oaks are very sensitive to alloidium, so remember to avoid watering the leaves; and even if it should be attacked by this fungus (you can recognize it by the leaves that seem to be covered with a white patina, like flour), use a sulfur-based fungicide to eradicate it. Keep the plant in partial shade, where it can enjoy a few hours of sunshine direct, but only in the coolest hours of the day. While the oak develops, try to indulge the characteristics that will make it a bonsai, and to modify those that make it an oak not yet bonsaised. So, if you wish you can think of wrap the twigs with bonsai wire already now, to allow the branches to develop in the way you want; but remember that, being the plant still young, it develops quite rapidly, and therefore the wire will be kept very loose, and removed as soon as the branch tends to grow too much, or else the wire itself will cause the presence of conspicuous marks on the future branches. If the plant produces long twigs, shorten them periodically, when they are still green, leaving only 2-3 leaves for each branch; also in this case your watchword is caution: the young plant, has few branches and few leaves, avoid leaving it almost bare; in fact, your plant develops thanks to the nourishment obtained from chlorophyll photosynthesis, which takes place in the green areas of the plant, or in the leaves. Being a very young plant, you will also have to allow it to develop a good root system, so avoid placing your plant too early in bonsai pots; right now it fits perfectly in a common pot, even plastic if you want, where it can enjoy a good amount of soil.

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