Above ground pools: relaxation and fun with maximum practicality The desire to have a pool at home is present in the fantasies of many, yet choosing a pool is not so easy, due to costs, maintenance, positioning and much more. its classic meaning is very complex, therefore, sometimes the choice of above ground pools becomes more and more used every year, because it allows you to have a small corner of paradise, without having to immerse yourself in the fray of paid pools and at the same time have a simplicity of ” use without equal.The above ground pools have the advantage of being more affordable, therefore it is easier for a family to buy them, even the installation method is simplified: no particular procedure, no dirt, excavations or other, but a simple way which can perform even an inexperienced person.Undoubtedly, to place the pool you will need a corner sheltered from prying eyes, but at the same time you will not have to do any construction work, other than to mount it, without the need for building permits, taxes etc.
above ground pool

This type of pool is not unique, but has different shapes, materials, and extensions. Obviously each model has a different cost, but they all have a particular protection, both for those who use it and for the pool itself.

The most common types are: with a soft structure, ideal for those with small children because, in addition to being soft, therefore ideal for water games, they can easily accommodate many people, are durable even in the long term and are ideal for frequent use, where the stress of the materials is great; then there are the inflatable pvc pools, these have a different structure and various squares, are very simple in their installation and can be easily emptied; another proposal is the steel sheet swimming pool, this in addition to being aesthetically very beautiful, it is completely in steel, therefore very resistant against aging, it is also safe and very well structured but perhaps less suitable for those who want to entertain the most little ones. Another option are wooden or pvc coated swimming pools, the former are not to say, they are the must of aesthetics as outdoor swimming pools, but they require a lot of care, a valid alternative are instead the swimming pools covered with wood but internally in pvc, these in fact combine the practicality of pvc with the aesthetic beauty of wood.

  • Pool accessories

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  • Pool furniture

    swimming pool furnishings Furnishing the pool area is as important as furnishing the garden, because it is essential to have in this area everything you need for the moments before and after the bath. …

  • Building the swimming pool

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  • Filters for swimming pools

    filters for swimming pools Each pool must have its own filter, where the water enters and leaves clean. In most swimming pools a sand filtration system is used, because it guarantees a long life and good quality.

pvc swimming poolSoft pvc swimming pools are the cheapest ones, but not for this reason useless, in fact side reinforcements are usually used for stability, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency. This pool is really easy to assemble because there are no screws or bolts, the tubes simply snap together and the “pool bag” opens and can be refilled.

However, since this is exposed, you can buy special paints to treat and protect the fabric.

inflatable poolInflatable pools are widely used because they are undoubtedly very easy to use and also read. Their structure allows an ease of assembly and disassembly which makes them perfect to be stored elsewhere. This type of pool is inflated and then filled, to empty it on the back there is a special valve. However, you can always keep it exposed, just clean it, use a tarpaulin and a little attention. When you buy the product you will be provided with everything you need, including the pump, filters and the appropriate inflator.

These pools are very soft, so if you have small children they are ideal, in fact the cost is low and there is no risk that the little ones can get hurt while playing.

inflatable poolThis type of swimming pool that recalls a huge inflatable boat is the softest ever, it has a double rubber structure on the side, ideal for playing and having fun without problems.

This pool does not require any complex assembly or even lateral maintenance axes, given the self-supporting structure. You can also assemble it in the summer and then take it apart and store it without clutter. The design is more captivating than the previous ones, it can also be placed on the terrace, since its surface is adaptable to all types of material. The structure must then be stored in a cool and dry place because environmental factors wear it out easily.

The pools with steel sheet are a valid solution for all those who wish to have a permanent but not too expensive pool. The aesthetic aspect is quite cool, there are various types and colors, the dimensions and shapes are very varied, but this structure needs a perfectly level ground to be assembled. This type of pool is also used in the types of ground constructions because it is very resistant, the steel is durable but light and allows a minimum effort in assembly.

The walls of the pool are sheets that support the internal tank, these are coated with a material resistant to humidity and corrosion, therefore they last a long time.

The wooden pools are certainly the most beautiful in design, elegant, sublime, they enrich any garden. Their composition is the same as the steel pools, at the bottom of the structure there is a carpet that protects the underlying material, even this type of pool rests only on a perfectly flat surface.

It is also very beautiful on a terrace, but obviously for this you need to ask for a permit, because the weight of the water can become dangerous.This type of above ground pool is certainly the most expensive type, but it is undoubtedly the one that most furnishes.

pool lined with woodThey are cold-worked sheet metal pools that only have wooden panels on the outside for a purely aesthetic purpose. This structure is stable and beautiful, it has a ladder like the others, but it must be treated with special enamels to prevent atmospheric attacks.

This pool, unlike the one completely made of wood, goes on every structure, it is easy to disassemble and reassemble, but in any case it is advisable to be careful of the external wood that wears out easily.Purchasing an above ground pool is undoubtedly an excellent investment, of course the choice must be made carefully both for costs, both for aesthetics and for the spaces available. It is advisable to seek advice from the experts, especially if you do not know which one to choose or if you are afraid of not being able to mount it. Do not forget above all the use and to whom it is intended, because for those with small children, soft pools are the best choice.

The above ground pool arises from the need to install the pool in the garden without too expensive installation projects and without the need for too large spaces.

The above ground pool does not need to be installed with long times and after excavation works which obviously, in addition to costing you a little, are expensive in terms of time.Among the different models of above ground pools, the most commonly used are rigid plastic pools. and those in fiberglass. Both have unique blocks that do not have to be mounted, but simply rested on the ground on which they are to be installed and can sometimes accommodate many people.

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