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George Weston Foods’ Castlemaine site hosts Australia’s largest robotic palletising system. The facility features 17 ABB robots, including 16 palletisers (IRB 4600) handling mixed product from 32 different packaging lines. The 217th robot (IRB 6640) dispenses pallets and slip sheets. Designed and installed by Andrew Donald Design Engineers, an ABB Robotics Australian Authorised Value Provider, the palletising line handles over 450 different smallgoods products at a rate of up to 9,000 cartons per hour. The robots have almost eliminated all previous OH&S issues associated with manual handling, whilst also reducing downtime & labour costs and allowing GWF to increase speed of production. The Castlemaine site is the processing facility for the “Don” and “KRCastlemaine” ranges of bacon, ham, and smallgoods. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGardening Australia: Costa talk rooftop gardensWeston Fort Lauderdale Food Truck Trailer Wrap Big Ragu Italian Kitchen | Car Wrap SolutionsWeston PlayhouseAndrew L. Dannenberg – Healthy cities“Two Extremes in Waterwise Design from Denver, CO & Athens, Greece” by Andrew Clements & Karla DakinSD2011 Trend: Green Roofs

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  • ROMAN XY9777 3 weeks ago


  • Zane H 3 weeks ago

    Awesome, this is the future of these mundane jobs, no OH&S issues to deal with lowers production costs.

  • moofymoo 3 weeks ago

    2:40 hair net over cap guy 😀

  • Distributor ABB Indonesia 3 weeks ago

    wow …the amazing of robot palletizing

  • TU nguyen 3 weeks ago

    These type of stacking job is hard back breaking work I would not do it

  • Nick Whynott 3 weeks ago

    why the fuck am I on this part of youtube

  • Arun Lohia 3 weeks ago

    Earth future AI . support RoBOT. future. Thank you

  • Firdosh Patel 3 weeks ago

    supercool !!!!

  • José A. Purcino 3 weeks ago

    Fantastic…this is the future for all companies thinking in its growth in the market.

  • MiranaBeaut y 3 weeks ago

    겔 럭시7

  • 承盟企業小叮子 3 weeks ago

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  • savory icon 3 weeks ago

    100's of jobs lost right there. inevitable future. if someone didn't school enough, they could work as manual labourers at min wage and earn a living. the future is, you need to be technical master. without education and skill, there are no jobs and survival.

  • Andrew B 3 weeks ago

    Unions – take note, this is the future that awaits all "increased labor costs".

  • tony bmw9999 3 weeks ago

    Do you have video's how to fix anything on the robots or is the mechanical done all by ABB

  • ashutosh3981 3 weeks ago

    ABB Egypt is also doing similer project with 4 IRB660 which will handle 12 infeed line/product and 12 pallet lines fully automated …

  • ABBRobotics 3 weeks ago

    .@capnthepeafarmer @Kyu-sungHan good observations. Actually at 3.38 in the movie Barry Hendry from system integrator Andrew Donald Design Engineering explains why they selected the IRB 4600 for this installation.

  • Kyu-sung Han 3 weeks ago

    That's good point. I think IRB 460 would be much better in every way(speed, singularities and so on).
    But IRB 460 is more expensive than IRB 4600 that's why they chose IRB 4600 I think.

  • capnthepeafarmer 3 weeks ago

    I understand wanting more flexibility, but using the 4600 for a palletizing operation seems like a waste of axis 5 and 6. Especially considering that all their goods are presented the same way.