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Meet two nomadic students at the Agadez Learning Center & help RAIN tip the scales for girls in Niger to succeed in education. Video Rating: / 5 yooo my house is duh chiz. i am kidding o goodness. its almost thanksgiving then CHRISTMAS. ILL BE HAVING A GIVEAWAY ON THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS :))) Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBeautiful gardeners and organic harvests: 125+ Garden Tower growers share their photos:99 Nomadic Women Learning Gardening & Nutrition with RAIN in NigerGrowing food with the Big Soup Share | Campaign for School Gardening | Royal Horticultural SocietyPhotosynthesis for Kids | Learn how plants MAKE their own foodSatisfying Videos of Workers Doing Their Job PerfectlyKid duo shock audience with their rendition of 'You Raise Me Up'

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  • Alisha Guiden 4 years ago

    Mine takes forever I fell your pain lol

  • itsybitsyfilms 4 years ago

    How cute ! I can't wait to get to those cute paths and cute hair in my character ! .. Found your channel via Instagram when you followed me 🙂 

  • ackatf 4 years ago

    The picture thing takes a while because you little space on your DS lol 

  • Alli TheHylian 4 years ago

    Not your house? :(