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  • severino francisco abragan 2 weeks ago

    wow thank you for sharing this video …..

  • MEMELANDIA TV 2 weeks ago


  • Abdullah Jan 2 weeks ago

    Wow that's great… Install on wall and spary


  • Rashad Glover 2 weeks ago

    The is the best ponics style system I have ever seen. I need to get my ass to China!

  • orlando villanueva 2 weeks ago

    Genial sistema, éxitos…!!!

  • Petru Bobocea 2 weeks ago


  • Adrienne Ekanim 2 weeks ago

    This is amazing I am so glad that you shared it.

  • Energy Cost is high.

  • Only one 2 weeks ago

    He is using industrial chipsom board 8' X 4' x 1', he uses PVC 50mm as frameworks for his 'A' frame Aeroponics (where roots were hanging in the air with mist spraying system and saving on medium plus good aeration to roots), winking bucket with a tomato plant at 2 minutes. he also uses automation system to control water temperature which is extremely crucial in aeroponics system.

  • Techxellance Solutions pvt. Ltd. 2 weeks ago

    which material of board you had used for vertical

  • Francis Cruz 2 weeks ago

    Hello, May I know what the vertical board that has the holes and holds the plants up are made of? Is it styrofoam? But it looks too sturdy than styrofoam that breaks easily, considering the weight of the plants. A reply is most appreciated.

  • Valueless Dollar 2 weeks ago

    "Your turn"
    Boat load of "nope.. I'm done"

  • Jian Zhang 2 weeks ago

    你好 我威海的 可以留下联系方式吗

  • Robert Moreno A. 2 weeks ago


  • mahesh nnd 2 weeks ago

    wow that's amazing way of using space , if some one please help me how is he managing solid waste removal in aquaponics its a major problem in combining aquaculture with aeroponics .

  • TheAnnoyingGunner 2 weeks ago

    Holy moly what's wrong with this video, it's wobbling around so hard it makes me dizzy…

  • Greg Kiddell 2 weeks ago

    Go Global realty has Nevada naturals  available for sale a complete grow system

  • Federic 2 weeks ago

    what kind of panels are using to place the plants ?

  • anwar hollanda 2 weeks ago