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Just in time (again!) with this video. It’s been so busy here this month. It didn’t help that we had both an ex-hurricane and a storm in one week. We will be clearing up after them for weeks to come. Strangely though, the weather has generally been warm and dry this month – warmer than most of the summer! Anyway, I hope you like this video – how quickly the year is passing.. Ok, here are some important website links. Please check them out.. Here’s Tim’s amazing guitar machine.. here’s our online store where you can see some of the craft things we make and sell.. and here’s our Patreon page where you can see more of our plans and dreams. (Remember even 5 dollars would make a BIG difference to us and we’d be very grateful.) and finally our FaceBook page (Not quite sure what to do with this but we put photos and extra comments when we get around to it..) Thank you! Sandra & Tim Copyright WayOutWest. All rights reserved. Please share if you like, but don’t copy or use without permission. Just get in touch via email blowinblog @ Don’t steal our stuff! Related PostsA Year In Our Vegetable Garden – MayA Year In Our Vegetable Garden – JanuaryJerry Baker’s Year Round Vegetable Gardening Summer Insect & Disease ControlSnack Recipes – How to Make a Spring Herb Hummus Vegetable GardenEnjoying the vegetable gardenCaptain Midnight – Shark And Fury Search Major Steele’s Cabin (October 23, 1939)

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  • TheJohn8765 3 weeks ago

    Tim doesn't like pickled beets? What's wrong with that man! 🙂 Oak-tree-wise, have you ever considered trying to make some acorn-flour? You need to expunge the tannins, but I'm told you can make a decent flour out of ground-acorns once you expunge the acid via several leechings/soaks.

  • Northwoods Acres 3 weeks ago

    I like that you have so many trees that produce food on your property. It is good to have something that pays off with time, but does not require replanting each year!

  • michelle lenihan 3 weeks ago

    this is my dream life your so lucky

  • igotadose 3 weeks ago

    Those beet greens look really good, too!

  • Ems Rochvercp 3 weeks ago

    One of my greatest dreams is to plant my own food that’s why I love your videos because you’re all so inspiring. God bless!

  • J Fr55man 3 weeks ago

    try roasting those beets with butter instead of pickling them… tim would surely eat them like that

  • sheryl napier 3 weeks ago

    I'm with Tim on the beetroot!

  • Frank B 3 weeks ago

    As an experiment you might put some phosphate around the chestnuts and wood ash ( potassium) and see if that helps. I wish I could grow leeks like that!

  • bin diver bob 3 weeks ago

    this is a 7/10 from the uk in derby bob very good

  • Danny D 3 weeks ago

    We just had a storm as well, stay safe!

  • Heather 3 weeks ago

    I love watching your videos:) I'm glad you all were all safe throughout the storms. I watched some past videos with your horses- looked like gypsy vanners? Just beautiful! Thank you again for the videos:)

  • j lee 3 weeks ago

    Lovely garden!

  • Duncan MacKenzie 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the video.

  • kae4466 3 weeks ago

    more beet pickes for thee to eat.:)

  • Andrei Andreev 3 weeks ago

    Agriculture probably was extremely poor back in the days of the Irish Famine. This land looks so good for planting if you know what you're doing..

  • GRUMPS_51 3 weeks ago

    Watching you gardening leaves us slightly green with envy since can not longer do it ourselves….We are also tremendously happy that you all somewhat escaped Ophelia's fury…Keep well and see you in the next…
    PS: have you tried a "Sweet Pickled Beet Preserve"….Tim might like those….I looked for my Grandmother's recipe but alas not found…not sure of the mix/blend…but (water, vinegar and sugar) brought to a boil and then add semi cooked sliced or cubed beets…they were yummy….

  • Zeemike1 3 weeks ago

    That soil looks so rich…no wonder you have such a fine harvest. And you are right about never having too many trees.
    I love these videos…they are jewels of the internet.

  • webbsway 3 weeks ago

    Wow, it is so lovely there. It is such a pleasure to take a stroll with you. Loved your beautiful little black pup. I love beets too but can never get them to grow. I ran across this bit of infor. about the chestnut tree: (Pollination: Chestnut trees require cross pollination from a different compatible variety to ensure good nut production. This means that an orchard planting must contain at least two different pollen producing varieties in a low ratio mix, such as 1:1 or 2:1. Pollination is carried out by wind and insects. Well pollinated chestnut trees will produce 2 or 3 plump nuts per burr. Chestnut trees that are not cross pollinated at all will still produce burrs every year but these will only contain 3 flattened empty shells lacking kernels, or on occasion poorly formed nuts.) I Love the way you use the black plastic. Your leeks are magnificent -they are another thing I cannot get to grow. You definitely have so much talent.

  • dmunman 3 weeks ago

    try eating the acorns. they have a great use. you must soak them after shelling to remove the tannic acid. i used to collect them as a kid. my ma would make flao jacks. yum.(a lot of work). thanks for your vids.