And the year has come back to the start – how time flies!

All the buds and shoots really blur the line between winter and spring – don’t they? When does one start and the other begin? In truth, lots of plants are well on their way to new growth, but who knows what sort of weather we will get from now on.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey – and thanks for all the good advice that came in. I’ll be a better gardener from now on : – )

Good luck with your own gardens for 2018…

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How to Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Frame

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A Year In Our Vegetable Garden – December

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  • prairie fire bird

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your gardening series! It is 25 below zero Fahrenheit right now, so no gardening here until May. Happy New Year to you folks!

  • Joe Serrano

    What?!! No snow in Ireland? This comes as a surprise considering Ireland's in the northern part of Europe, but I do like the first signs of Spring, at December's end,…..thank you for sharing this update on your Veggie Garden and Happy New Year 2018 ya all! 🙂

  • Gary Boyd

    I really like.yoy garden videos. Especially because we live in a very similar climate here on the West Coast of Canada.

  • pnoysuede

    we aren't even halfway thru the winter season yet in sweden and there you are already planting your first crop of the year.

  • Phillip Dittmer

    Happy New Year to you both from New Zealand. Love your lifestyle, I grew up on a farm here in NZ, so can appreciate your way of life. Look forward to many more of your video's.

  • Stephanie Cavallaro

    Gary, my beds are 12" high. And after about 8 years, they are pulling apart at the corners. Is that due to the height? Or are they just in need of revamping? Do you recommend using corner posts?


    Great video Gary, one thing about your four foot wide dimension is that if you can only reach in the bed from one side (up against a fence or next to a building for example), you should limit the bed to two feet wide. One thing I have done with my raised bed is to screw a board flat on the top, hanging to the outside, with some braces below it to allow sitting alongside the bed while working in it.

  • PokeyBessie

    Than you for your videos on this topic. . The raised beds I have used (since I have been lazy) is the cheap ones I got at Aldi (way way cheaper than online or even Home Depot) that are all 4×4 but can be formed to make Octagons or the longer ones like you presented here. I used them because it is so much easy to maintain. I have red mud here in Georgia. HARD to work with trust me on that one.

  • Deepakshi R

    Hi Gary, thanks for starting this series! Looking forward to the next videos. Could you let me know if 8" depth is sufficient for cabbages, cauliflowers and zucchini?
    Many Thanks!

  • Shirley Nathan

    What a great idea, YOU do such wonderful work for gardeners. Your manner is so enjoyable to listen to. Thank you!

  • The Vegetable Gardening Show

    Thank you thank you thank you about the pressure treated wood portion. I stopped arguing with people about it. They read one article on the internet and believe it, yet refuse to contact the wood manufacturers themselves to learn that today's pressure treated wood IS NOT treated with harmful chemicals that leach into the soil.

  • dcwatashi

    Mine are cedar and that was spendy. I lined mine with weed barrier on the bottom since my beds sit on gravel. Then I stapled heavy plastic to the boards so they won't rot as quickly. Been at least 3 years and they are holding out well. If we can now use pressure treated, maybe I can build on top of the cedar so I don't break my back bending over.

  • Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent

    Awesome raised bed build tutorial Gary. Look forward to more details on the amendments.

  • Patricia Norman

    I am 66 years old and have just container gardened for the first time this year. I want to build a 3 foot high 6×4 raised bed for next Spring. Do you have any suggestions on what soil compounds I should use to get a good soil mixture?
    Thank you.
    Pat of West Virginia

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