A group of spanish companies have developed an eco-friendly shake up in the production of our fruit and vegetables . They’ve invented a new style of greenhouse that can be installed in parks, terraces and even on rooftops

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A vertical greenhouse plantation integrates agriculture into the city

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  • Chocolate caliente

    I am very happy they innovate and make fresh vegetables and fruits, but the stories of illegal workers form Africa are horrible. I don´t want to accuse this company in particular, but the Spanish people have high unemployment and the exploitation of illegal workers seems to be widespread. I hope everyone resposible will fight this and give let the Spanish people work, pay them well and if this means we have to pay more for vegetables and fruits I am totally fine with it.


    A pleasure to be involved in this project designing the urban greenhouse and solutions that will change the way we grow in a productive and environmentally responsible way. Thanks to Euronews for this report and for giving voice to projects that contribute to sustainable development.

  • Avitar Magnus

    you missed one point wages are falling and food needs to get cheaper not more expensive otherwise the old out door farming and small greenhouses are cheaper faster and better in every way!!! WE HAVE PROVEN IT holland, Brazil Canada California

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