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I show you my simple, cheap and mobile trellis system that you can build in 5 minutes. Also, I show you a few other simple ways to trellis a variety of crops. Instagram: Fence Post Driver: 100 Foot Measuring Tape: Trellis Netting: Tomato Twine: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellisMake a Pumpkin Trellis for Under $17 DIYTHE EASIEST WAY TO TRELLIS CUCUMBERS, POLE BEANS AND MORE!How to build a garden trellis CHEAP!!!How To Build a Cheap Strong Trellis for About 40 Bucks For Squash, Watermelon / MelonsHow to Trellis Squash – Step by Step Instructions


Vertical Gardens



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  • justmesarah18 8 months ago

    Great ideas for trellis’! New subscriber here, I just found your channel. Did you make the greenhouse in the background? Is that plastic or fabric? Up close it looks more like fabric. Thank you!

  • Vicki Burt 8 months ago

    FYI, you voice volume is very soft sometimes, then a bit louder here & there, I have it on loudest & it's just loud enough. Music is louder. I've mentioned this b4 but your gardens are so beautifully maintained, you have a gift of common sense, even the way you "herd" the chickens with the solar fencing itself. I'm gonna recommend it to Justin Rhodes , I'm sure it will make it easier for him & his wife, family with your permission.

  • Svea Bryan 8 months ago

    That was awesome. I’ve been looking for a simple way to cover my raised garden and this gave me some ideas.

  • Colet Venter 8 months ago

    please teach us the correct way of pruning different vegetables

  • kathy r 8 months ago

    Thank you

  • Totam #Tips 8 months ago


  • Wilson Kakunta 8 months ago

    Very creative, I love it.

  • Vijay Babaria 8 months ago

    Awesome tips, could you pls give a tour of your greenhouse and what you do to maintain bugs like aphids, whitefly inside greenhouse pls? Thanks a lot

  • Maahir 8 months ago

    Volume is very low..

  • Anna at the Farm 8 months ago

    Great video.

  • DeWal Edible Gardens 8 months ago

    Excellent vid. Thanks heaps! The best way to help your back is to bend your knees every time you need to 'bend', and avoid bending your back (OHS 101 😀 )

  • claudio souza 8 months ago

    Nice job I just subscribe in the your channel ,I live in USA but I'm farm owner in Brazil and I'm moving back to my farm and I need some help to make my staff. Thanks for your great job.

  • kathy kennedy 8 months ago

    what do you do when the tomato plants grow to the top of the string. do they just flop over or what. where do you put them?

  • Doug Gaskill 8 months ago

    Awesome informative video. Was curious if you had to move your sprinklers higher to water over the trellis wall of plants?

  • Regis Balbon 8 months ago

    Parabéns, lindo tua horta

  • The Tiny Shiny Life 8 months ago

    Great trellis system, thank you for vlogging the process ☺️

  • Glaze Worriors 8 months ago

    I want visit your form

  • Scott Davis 8 months ago

    Could u use bailing twin or jute line for this

  • Jose Pereira 8 months ago

    adoro hortas se pudece ter um terreno eu faria uma