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First lady Michelle Obama recently paid a surprise visit to Watkins Elementary School in Washington, D.C., to visit with students and teachers, and to a community garden.- LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies(◑_◑) “Please….Remember Our Homeless. Hospitalized & Disabled Veterans And Fallen Heroes! Thank You…America!” “I’m LoneWolf…And I Approve This Message!” LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies TODAY…The WhiteHouse TOMORROW….The United Nations! What A “CAPITOL” Idea! “Watch Out(◑_◑) …….LoneWolf Is On The Loose!” Holly Hamilton of GardenTV interviews one of the pioneers of the Gardening Design world, Rosemary Alexandra. Thirty years ago, Rosemary founded the now world renowned English Gardening School that is one of the premier institutions for training young and old alike in the vocation of Garden Design and Plantmanship. The school now has international outlets that all teach courses written by Rosemary and continue to spread the treasured knowledge of great garden design to places like Russia, Japan, Mexico and the USA. Rosemary’s best known book, one of several she has written, is “The Essential Garden Design Workbook” and is used as part of the curriculum in gardening schools and colleges around the world with translations into multiple languages. Rosemary’s expert tip for the day is that you should plan to buy lots of cheap bulbs rather than a smaller number of expensive ones. By “lots” she means 100’s… When asked by Holly about how she finds time to work in her own garden in between all her speaking engagements, she says she has to get in touch with her soil at least once a week or else she will go mad. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWashington Elementary School – Voots® “Get Kids Growing” Garden Grant WinnerEdith Wolford Elementary: Eating right from the school gardenKid’s Garden at a Japanese Elementary SchoolGUARDIANS OF THE GARDEN! Surprise Box from […]

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  • Afanlynness 1 year ago

    michelle obama 4 more years!

  • 0705BUTTAFLi 1 year ago

    omg i cry everytime i watch this………..tears of joy!! awesome first lady

  • Anita K 1 year ago

    Michelle Obama is very lovely first lady .

  • Dennis Hartnett 1 year ago

    She is such a classy person – just love her.

  • kobby cyme 1 year ago

    she is too simple n friendly…………………………..nice visit

  • Lucinda Clark 1 year ago

    We are to miss this First Lady!

  • MrHazeliman 1 year ago

    This is the way it should be, these kids will remember this forever.

  • Ivan Quin 1 year ago

    Michelle is absolutely Beautiful in all ways. The best First Lady ever.

  • SuperSnk1 1 year ago

    This is Class , Real Class , First Class from the First Lady for she's definitely Top Class .

  • Felicia Hill 1 year ago

    That's love in action. Yes First Lady Michelle Obama!

  • Raquel Dos Santos 1 year ago

    "Do you know Joe Biden?" ahaha too cute…This is such a cool project, very inspirational :)

  • elizabeth h 1 year ago

    I love her

  • ProudXaymacan 1 year ago

    Greatest First Lady ever!!!!! Love this woman… The reaction of those kids brought tears to my eyes….Bravo Michelle!!

  • 1984rockcity 1 year ago

    Love this woman!

  • Fantastic

  • Gamer123766 1 year ago

    wat a great way to promote gardening and go green to kids. gonna miss this awesome first lady