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So, I love plants. I love growing them especially. I took great interest in the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden due to living in an apartment in Washington, where I don’t have much sunlight and I don’t have much room to grow anything. .95, 20% discount code: GROW20. This video is sponsored by: Click & Grow I wanted to review their product. Everything is in my own words and everything is my own thoughts. Click and grow had nothing to do with my opinion. They had no say in the content. They sponsored me for the exposure but I contacted them so that I could take a look at this product. I am getting bored of phones and such. I need to look at new things every once in a while. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostssPlant Smart Fresh Herb Garden Kit Intelligent Indoor Sprout LED Light Garden Four Flower Pot with AReview: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed KitGrow food at home with this Indoor Garden: Click & Grow Robot GardenSetting Up an Automatic Indoor Garden | Customizing a Click and Grow systemPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewSafe Grow smart indoor gardening products

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  • Andrew Ooi 10 months ago

    Can I ask if you are still using ClickAndGrow?

  • Andrew Ooi 10 months ago

    Just an update after 3 years. Now 2018 the price is up a little at 99.95. Coupon code given of course does not work anymore. Sill it's a very good review and relevant today as the product has not changed much anyway.

  • Rusty shackleford 10 months ago

    I'd wanna plant my squash seeds in her garden.

  • chernovid 10 months ago

    i dont understan how this work. if these plant die. i cant grow my own seeds?

  • Schmidty the Kid 10 months ago

    Holy Juno's Doppelgänger Batman.

  • Vincent Cheng 10 months ago

    Hows the product so far? Any mold?

  • SoundIllustrations 10 months ago


  • Ivan Angelov 10 months ago

    Pumpkins, really?

  • Daniel Jeremic 10 months ago

    Cool Stuf Erica!!

  • EnhancedNightmare 10 months ago

    What kind of lights does it have? LEDs obviously but what type exactly? I bought some grow-light LEDs and they have completely different hue to these.

  • edvin poiklik 10 months ago

    Made in Estonia

  • Schana Austin 10 months ago

    Bushy lol, you are awesome Erica. Great review as always!

  • I've been growing herbs simply by buying them from the super market for 1-2 dollars and transferring them into a pot. Depending on the herb I get 1-5 months of life out of them by having them on my window or on the terrace during summer.

  • John Mendoza 10 months ago

    Plant weed! lol

  • Luis Quijada 10 months ago

    i see you like hot sauce a lot! .. jeje thats cool!

  • Bhavin Tolia 10 months ago

    this is dumb.

    I've 40 plants in my balcony at any given time…

    even grow Tulsi in my house… (releases oxygen all the time)…
    also, eating 1 leaf a day helps keep healthy…


  • Tech Nerd 10 months ago

    keep up the good work erica, haters will hate, u just keep planting herbs 🙂
    and yeah waiting patiently for your review on the new crazy LG V10.

  • fersunk 10 months ago

    i do a similar think with an arduino, relay for the led, a led (obviously) and a humidity sensor for the water supply, only for fun, i can just put the plant in a glass of water and magically grow near of the window with the sunlight of Monterrey, but is good for the channel that you get sponsors, in spanish is "vende pero no te vendas", in english is a bit difficult to traslate.
    TL;DR Sponsor = is good for the reviewer

  • K Luv! 10 months ago

    I wanna marry you, you're so beautiful and cool.

  • colorless_man 10 months ago

    it's good to see you with 60FPS video 🙂