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Malissa Schentzel, 34, raises about 30 head of sheep on almost six acres of rolling land. Her farm, Little Acres Livestock, is located just 30 miles south of. Husband and wife team, farmers Mike Guebert and Linda Bangs live on 10 acres of land, raising and tending to a variety of livestock. Currently, they have 2 J. Jas Singh describes God’s Little Acre Farm, its clean, chemical free small farmer agricultural model, with social responsibility of supporting local communit. COSTA RICA inexpensiveness cattle farm for sale 67 has (167 acres) located at the central pacific of CR. Income producing working cattle farm with 5 has (13 acres) of forest to protect the. “Agricultural Technology” “Agriculture Articles” “Agricultural Finance” “Agricultural Loans” Farms “Sustainable Agriculture” “Degree In Agriculture” “New Agricultural” “School Of Agriculture” “Agriculture israel” agriculture “department of agriculture” “agricultural engineering” “agriculture development” farming “organic, farming” horticulture, aquaculture agro tractors, tractor, livestock, Follow Me! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMichigan banning livestock on small farms?Large Scale Aquaponics Farm (Greenhouse, 1 million pounds of food & 35000 fishes, Cold Water)Small Scale Green Roofs at the Virtual SummitThe Future of Agricultural TechnologyHomemade Lumber for the Small Farm or Homestead – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 5Building a Small Log Chicken House – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 10

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  • shepherdewan 1 year ago

    They are cute sheep

  • Adama Tova 1 year ago

    Hi – do you not let the dogs out of the pens outside of their herding duties, at all?