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I received an email from France. This system will go on a balcony in Paris. UPDATE: I assembled several of these tubes to make a proof-of-concept for a commercial project to provide stevia, a natural no-calorie sugar substitute, to diabetics . The stevia grew to green walls requiring a power hedge cutter to harvest. However, a pump from the Silicon Solarcompany is failing. For two months, the pump circulating the water/nutrient to the system. And then the Silicon Solar water pump failed. Without adequate water, the heat of the Los Angeles summer scorched the stevia. Click on the link below to see the problem: This puts at risk the project of several years. Yet the concept of growing for money remains viable. To see how to make money growing stevia and other expensive vegetables — to improve health and avoid crippling diseases — go to: That new video shows a proof-of-concept project to grow stevia, a common substitute for sugar in drinks and recipes. With the system shown there and in this video: To maximize production, go with 12 inch diameter. 6 inch is okay for indoor / small scale situations. However, for maximum outdoor, direct sunlight gardens, go with larger diameters — 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch. The technique is the same. Always go with cheaper DRAIN pipe. Never use thick wall water main PVC. Thick wall can withstand high pressures. Thin wall drain pipe is much, much easier to cut and support. A redesigned fitting appears in this video. The flood / drain cycle ( ebb / flo ) requires this fitting. To see how to make this input / output fitting, go to: The fitting and hydroponic rocks make a PVC pipe into a self-contained hydroponic garden. In this video, I convert a section […]

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  • Johnny Wewoka 1 year ago

    This is not standard drain pipe-this is schedule 40 pvc(1/4 inch wall thickness) –which is very expensive. Standard drain pipe is about ( 1/8 wall) thickness which is LESS expensive.

  • Carlos Skinner 1 year ago

    What kind of blade do you find goes through PVC most effectively?

  • ECONEWS with Nancy Pearlman 1 year ago

    I showed this video to some Kenyan students and the caretaker of their school. The caretaker spoke almost no English. The students understood the slow, careful English, but did not know how to work with tools. The caretaker understood the techniques, the students gave him swahilli translations of what he did not understand. I've read the comments of the viewers who don't like slow English. Do they work in the world? Whoever made this video didn't know swahilli, yet he succeeded in teaching Kenyans the technique.

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    No real reason to show every second of those long tedious cuts now is there?

  • png2001 1 year ago

    why are you speaking ssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo ssllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • saber saw 1 year ago

    Do you think that If I were to make something like this but with a drip irrigation system, I could use pvc tubing with a smaller diameter?
    Thanks for your time

  • Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming 1 year ago

    I Love your video!! Check out my organic aquaponics channel please you'll love it

    Please like and subscribe!!

  • learninghydro 1 year ago

    The washers for the fittings to tube connections:

    In the past, I used sheets of dense neoprene.  Now I use the foam neoprene of discarded excellent quality wetsuits.  I have an old, old O'Neill wetsuit torn apart by freeway traffic.  I use heavy sewing shears to cut the washers.  The improvised washers serve better than any I have purchased.

  • Antonio Kallias 1 year ago

    the PVC material is not friendly for food, cultivation & fresh water ,change it to HDPE

  • scubadrew9292 1 year ago

    Strawberries AND a waterfall? Check it out:
    Hydropic Strawberry Wall w/Pondless Waterfall

  • Nataly Billett 1 year ago

    Hydroponics is a great system but it also have some disadvantage, you need to purchase some "plant food", nutrition and supplements which may be expensive. Before setting up any hydroponics system, you have to consider the benefit of aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.

  • rolloverriderpgr 1 year ago

    Design change for you. Instead of buying the end cap get the regular PVC end cap and cement it on then make your cuts. Start the cut with a hole drilled 2" or 3" out from the cap after it has cured for about an hour for better support.
    The PVC end cap adds support to the pipe as it's cut but does what it was made for and seals the end off.Looks better and won't leak like a seal with a screw clamp that can also cut someone. (safer and won't rust either) It's easy to drill your drain hole at what ever height you would like and glue that piece in with PVC cement into the end cap. 
    Wonderful idea for a tight living space idea and the ones screaming about wasting growing medium.
    The unit is sitting on a balcony rail or strapped below another one, then maybe planting closer gives the grower more food instead of a measured distance from each plant as with holes and separate nett potts. Also looks prettier with more plants drooping over a bland looking rail.
    Now that idea about strapping another one below another unit. Instead of making the longitudinal cut all the way the length of the pipe, make then say in 1/4 or 1/3 the sections of the pipe so you have either 2 or 3 support pieces in the pipe so it won't flex or crush as easily. Could make nice carrying handles when you move.

  • Chris Whitworth 1 year ago

    Has PVC been shown to leach any toxic chemicals?


    Thanks for the movie.

  • NoName 1 year ago

    Could you talk a bit slower please ? 

  • BuddhaBelly 1 year ago


  • Darcy F. Dubois 1 year ago

    Thanks for the movie.
    Also I have some strategies to grows up to 10 x the plants, in half time, with much healthier plants, while the "fish" execute all the work…”

  • Bowcase 1 year ago

    It's called a "Rubber Jim Cap".

  • Jayna Cleveland 1 year ago

    I am sure you will learn how to make it if you will read INPLIX HANDBOOKS from cover to cover :)

  • OneWorld OneParty 1 year ago

    Your system is so bad dude, look my video and see the best ever

  • Lim Vapo 1 year ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is that you will need to purchase "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which are pricey.

  • chase lee 1 year ago

    nice and relatively easy NFT setup, also kept nice and tidy

  • 7777dmith7777 1 year ago

    something about this video makes me want to piss..

  • BrownsABQ 1 year ago

    pump in NFT 24 hours a day.I do have an airstone to bubble water

  • BrownsABQ 1 year ago

    mainly small rooted plants. But as long as your grow tubes are large enough diameter ( so roots don't clog ) you can grow just about anything.

  • mektek01 1 year ago

    What fruits/veggies can be grown in an NFT system?

  • ficocol ruiz 1 year ago

    a few very good video outputs can be connected wing bomb?, that is airing?, and how long it stays lit pump

  • BrownsABQ 1 year ago

    Airflow, you don't want to have stagnant water, plus you need to be able to recycle fresh water with nutrients back to the plant. You can just float the plants on rafts in a pool of water, but I'd add a bubbler and a way to refresh and drain water.

  • KelsDubPlates 1 year ago

    Why is it better pumping the water over the roots than just having the roots in the water?

  • can you tel me what is the amount of NPK used in the solution ?

  • Prancinglion1 1 year ago

    Looks like a good system. Think I might make one and get the wife to work it. I just started juicing and growing my own produce seems like a good idea.

  • Alan Begley 1 year ago

    @perfektolisem no you turn them on for 15minutes every hour of lightibg. And fir 15mins half way through darkness.. That will be enough on any aero/hydro system.. You can have them on for the entire lighting yime but then it will cost more.

  • perfektolisem 1 year ago

    @BrownsABQ do u leave the water running witout ligths on ? 24-7 ?

  • rsdoctorrx 1 year ago

    @bgreenall01 i just realized u have 42 holes in them vc's n i was reading that many times it is more cost effective to double up on the plugs thus build n host two sets of your pcv construction to share the same lighting. build costs increase with the pvc and possibly an additional water pump but u recoup ur investment faster since u growing more in same share light. im wanting to do something like u have but multi tiered or levels if possible. i need pvc pipe though. i really like your setup!

  • bgreenall01 1 year ago

    Here's the simple economics of it,

    You use a 1000watt bulb to grow 100 heads, consider you want it on for 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week for a month.(because ur smart and used 6500k Florescent lights to start your plugs which cost very little).

    1000 watt bulb @ 16kWh x 30days = 480 kWh per month
    Electricity price = 0.10 to 0.15 per kWh
    Between $48 – $72 bucks a month
    Cost per head of lettuce if you don't screw one up = .48 -.72 per head

  • rsdoctorrx 1 year ago

    @bgreenall01 thats why i been scouring the internet for ways to do it cheap. i dont want my mom flippin out when she gets the electric bill n i dont have money to buy equip. i collected cell phone batteries n a few solar panels n have an idea to do it with LED lights if possible but mostly use natural lighting n just extend the light day with some leds from cheap 9 led flashlights they r pretty bright n use 3 AAA batteries. which is 4.5 vdc so i figure to use the batteries from the cell phones.

  • rsdoctorrx 1 year ago

    @bgreenall01 i think lettuce is about 2.50 a head so if u can grow and eat 10 grow months (30 heads a month) thus 300 heads of lettuce then u break even at 2.50 a head (1.50 a head for electricity and 300 bux for initial equip investment) i see people growing these under less light with great success though with their electric needs amounting to less than 4 cent per head at 10 cents per kwh thats pretty amazing. dont get me wrong i love hydroponic idea and concept i wanna do it but cheaply XD

  • rsdoctorrx 1 year ago

    @bgreenall01 well idk if u looked at ur electric bill lately but if u figure in all the taxes n other bs then do the math here in rhode island we r paying 16 cents per kwh. i figure u r figuring this on 30 heads of lettuce based on your math u shown so if the system cost 250 just for the lights? n u also have pvc piping n water circulation equip etc then u r initial investment of at least 10 bux a head plus 1.50 a head for electricity throughout the grow. how many grows can u do a season?